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Lüna Asé Drops a Fiery R&B Debut Single Titled, "With You (feat. Sticky)"

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, the spiritual TikToker and R&B singer/songwriter Lüna Asé releases an upbeat banger titled, "With You (feat. Sticky)." She noted that the song is purely about being in love, giving listeners that 'honeymoon phase' type of feeling.

Escalating in popularity within TikTok's spiritual community, Lüna Asé decided to create more paths for her artistic endeavors to flow. With her latest single "With You (feat. Sticky)," Lüna Asé brings heavy dance/R&B vibes with this upbeat track. While Sticky spits his passionate bars and adds to the track's vibrant vibes, the two set sail into greatness with the release of this bright anthemic single.

"With You (feat. Sticky)" begins with Lüna Asé's mesmerizing vocals singing daydreamer lyrics towards someone who's caught her eye. The supporting production is incredibly modern; the synth work and electronic production bring elements of Rihanna, meshed with Partynextdoor, perfectly portraying those vibes of warm summer love.

Once Sticky begins rapping with wild passion and attraction, his flow brings this depth to the track that creates a captivating back and forth between Sticky and Lüna Asé. Ending the song off with layered vocal arrangement, playful ghost vocals, and a gripping R&B beat, we can't help but feel exhilarated after one simple listen.

Lüna Asé has provided glowing vibes accompanied by superbly desirous lyricism through "With You (feat. Sticky)," and we're encouraging you to get lost in the passionate and playful atmosphere.

Why do you feel that "With You (feat. Sticky)" is the perfect debut to begin your music career? How can listeners get to know you through the single?

"With You (feat. Sticky) is a song anyone can listen to and catch a good vibe,  it's made for everyone and that's what makes it a great debut single. This song introduces listeners to who I am, because it expresses love and that is a major part of me, I believe we are all made of love.

Within your single "With You (feat. Sticky)," the production brings incredibly warm and inviting vibes. What inspired the song's overall vibe and atmosphere? How did you execute your ideas within the creative/production process?

This song was originally written as a low-temp R&B song with most of the same lyrics.  I then showed it to a producer friend of mine who loved it so much he remixed it for me. He took my vocals and created this amazing feel-good beat! I was so pleased with it but I felt it was still missing something, that's when Sticky came to mind. He is a friend of mine as well, and I always admired his talent and feel-good melodies so I hit him up and asked him if he would be down to hop on this remix. He then sent it back with this awesome verse and after listening to it multiple times, I then sent it back to the producer with more adlibs, harmonies, and some suggestions; like adding or reducing reverb for example. That was it, then I got it back and I was so excited with the outcome.

Why did you want Sticky to feature on "With You (feat. Sticky)"? What made you want to go deeper and add a male's passionate verse?

As mentioned above, I always admired his rapping style. He also inspired me to actually begin recording music again so I knew I wanted to have him on. I let him vibe with it and trusted him with whatever verse he created, although the vibes of the song weren't discussed in private; the mood was easily felt. When I would listen to the original R&B song I felt like I just got a one-sided story. My goal for the song was to showcase a relationship that I had been a part of with a man, where both were equally passionate about one another, and so that's when I decided I would have a male join me in this.  

We've heard that you're a very spiritual person while sharing your healing rituals with those on TikTok. Do you plan on merging your spirituality with your music career in the future?

Thank you for asking this! I have been thinking about this heavily and I feel like I will combine both, it is only right that I embrace all parts of me as a whole. This way I can feel happy about my art being out there to inspire and unite people.

What can we expect to see next from you?

You can expect my 13 song R&B album to drop early 2021 if all goes as planned. However, I do plan on having other singles unrelated to the project released as well, which might be more spiritually influenced than the album as a whole.


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