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L Francis Eases His Audience Into "Don't Look Down"

Los Angeles-based rapper and songwriter L Francis grew up on the West Coast of Norway. Taking a wide range of influences from the likes of G-Eazy, Mac Miller, and Lil Skies, his music has a seamless blend of Pop Rap and Trap to perfect his sound.

Although hailing from a country known for EDM and electronic music, he sets himself apart by wanting to put Norway on the map for its Hip-hop.

Delving into his most recent single, “Don’t Look Down,” the elusive essence of this atmospheric bop is a collaborative effort with Norwegian Pop band Karston&Niko. With the top-tier production elements being handled by notyourguy, the universe that is cast out to listeners is memorable in all of its poignant hues.

Enticing drum patterns and airy synths infiltrate the speakers as L Francis cascades slick verses with punchy rhyme schemes throughout this piece. Exuding a fusion of soothing tenors accompanying the compelling magnitude of the musical progression, “Don’t Look Down,” hones in on its exclusivity as it gracefully allows you to float to cloud nine.

As much as we fall for the lush verses in all of their glory, we have to give credit to the harmonized chorus performed by Karsten Osterbo that takes on an eloquent charm in its pacifying conveyance. “Don’t Look Down,” provides the fan base of L Francis with such an inimitable scope into his artistic versatility. Taking on the influence of various musical stylings, L Francis is able to carve out a solidified lane of his own as he incorporates intricate traits from his inspiration and gives it a revamped sound like he does in “Don’t Look Down.”

Hello Liam, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Don’t Look Down.” We love the overall vibe of this song. Could you please take us into the song’s meaning and the inspiration behind it?

Love to hear good feedback on our release! It all started from a beat pack full of beats the producers sent to me, and I really liked the vibe of it so the whole song started out by me just freestyling to the beat. I got the flow of the verses down really quickly, and it was a fun process to write. I mainly took inspiration from the laid-back feel of the beat, also I wanted to make something that would be relaxing but at the same time have a “bounce” to it, so the lyrics were mainly inspired by partying and just not caring about the repercussions.

What was it like working with Karston&Niko as well as notyourguy, in order to deliver the vision you set your sights on?

It has been a joy to work with both of them! They are really talented individuals that always put in a countless amount of hours in their work. This collaboration also pushed us to be more versatile which is a good experience. It started out with them sending me a folder full of different beats and ideas, which I recorded and sent back to them. Since they are located back home in Norway, it took a lot of coordination and time to schedule calls to discuss plans and the release of the track. It was a really positive experience working with someone who mainly does a different genre of music, so we all learned from our differences and opted to make several tracks that take inspiration from both our genres. So this collaboration pushed us to be more versatile. We have released two collaborations together, with “Lemon” being the first in February. We are looking forward to taking everything we learned from this experience and working further on our own individual releases. Do you find that you’re more influenced by the sounds of Norway or Los Angeles when it comes down to your overall musical resonance?

I would definitely say I'm more influenced by the sounds of Los Angeles. Two of my biggest influences, G-Eazy and Jez Dior, are both from the West Coast. I've always been drawn to the Hip-hop and rap scene in the US, and I would spend most of my time in High School making beats and wanting to move away from Norway to do music for real. I also released a track with LA-based rapper $teven Cannon, which is an artist I've been listening to for years, so for me to meet him and make a track with him was really cool and something I didn't expect, so a big shout out to him! There are several talented and good artists from Norway, but mostly we are known for EDM and electronic music, so 9/10 times you mention Scandinavia and that you do music in the US, they always assume you make EDM.

What are you hoping that your fan base takes away from the messaging you put into your music?

A thing I learned over time is that we are always afraid to step out of our comfort zone, and always worry about everyone's opinion of ourselves. I moved to a completely new Environment over 5000 miles away from where I grew up without knowing anyone there. Within a couple of months, I was already comfortable with the new environment and met lots of new people. I will never forget the feeling of the first few days I was there. I learned from that experience that you shouldn't really be afraid to take a chance with something, and if you really have a passion you should just put everything into it.

What can listeners anticipate next?

In the future, I will continue in my own lane and put my focus on perfecting my own sound. I and my producers have several projects planned for the second half of 2021, but our next project is scheduled to release in late July early August, so we are looking forward to releasing them and putting in countless hours into making every release perfect.



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