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LA-Based Artist Ré Alissa Gives Off A Polished “Goodbye,” In Latest Heartwrenching Ballad

Chicago-native Ré Alissa pours her heart and passion into creating soulful music, inspired by the commonly-experienced realities of life. Her latest release, "Goodbye" hones into many themes of love and heartbreak, all while being instrumentally inspired by the familiarly-appreciated '90s R&B era.

Many melodic rhythms that Ré Alissa provides stem from the natural element of soul she brings to her songs, including "Goodbye." Growing up in the church and choir, Ré Alissa was exposed to many instruments that inspired a genuine curiosity and love for music. Ré Alissa also got a sense of authenticity and individuality put into curated music by venturing out to local band performances. Overall, music always served a grander purpose in the life of Ré Alissa and she knew that without a doubt.

"Goodbye" begins with a soothing, melodic piano rhythm, which is soon paired with a catchy underlying beat that brings forth that familiar R&B style. Ré Alissa integrates her vocals early on, establishing the soft, yet glamorous style often incorporated into R&B-based songs. You can feel the passion, pain, and resilience in her voice. If you focus on the lyrics, you'll quickly come to realize that "Goodbye" captures the real heartbreak associated with saying goodbye to a lover. Ré Alissa doesn't hold back on expressing the truth surrounding her situation. Her confidence makes "Goodbye" all the more powerful with its message and gives listeners a raw understanding of her perspective of lost love.

Ré Alissa was both authoritative and vulnerable with her projected message in "Goodbye." As listeners, we felt intrigued by her story and compelled by her voice articulations. Ré Alissa's vibe really does bring forth the 90s R&B sound we can hopefully all appreciate!

Join Ré Alissa in her emotional ballad, "Goodbye" on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ré Alissa! Thank you for joining to chat about your single, "Goodbye." What element of creating this song did you find the most challenging, considering the emotional take it has? For me, the most challenging part of creating this song was accurately depicting the situation I was in while still leaving room for others to relate. There were a lot of things I wanted to say that was extremely specific to the situation that I was referring to, but I think that would've taken away from the song.

Were there any realizations you had about yourself or the circumstance described in "Goodbye" during its writing and recording process?

Writing songs always helps me gain more clarity on a situation, and to unpack how I'm really feeling about the circumstances. I think the biggest realization I had while writing this song is that staying in a situation that you know is not good for you or is not going anywhere always hurts you in the long run. You do more harm to yourself than good by sticking around waiting for a person or a situation to change. This song to me really represents accepting the end of something, and being able to let go and say "Goodbye." Inspired by the 90s R&B era, can you describe the admiration you have for this style of music and why you incorporate it into your own sound? There are so many things I love and admire about the 90s R&B era. The vocal styles, the production of songs, and also the way that these artists portrayed love and relationships. Everything was very raw and real, whether it be a love song or a breakup song. As far as its influence on my music and artistry, I think we tend to mimic what we're inspired by. With that, I don't necessarily incorporate 90's R&B elements into things that I do intentionally. It's more so that this era has played a huge role in my life, and therefore naturally comes through in my sound, looks, etc. These are the songs and artists I was raised on and grew up watching and listening to. I definitely relate to them more than any artists I listen to today.

How were you hoping your audience would understand you after listening to "Goodbye?"

As in all my music, I just want the audience to be able to relate. One huge element of R&B is relatability. Everyone has been in a relationship before. Everyone has gone through heartbreak and breakups. "Goodbye" is a song that helped me acknowledge and move on from a toxic situation. Hopefully, it can do that for someone else too.



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