LA Based Singer Songwriter Jhaye Releases Empowering New Song "Me Myself & I"

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

Hailing from Sweden, LA based singer/songwriter and music producer Jhaye provides a unique style of alternative R&B, with elements of neo soul, pop rap and chill wave. Inspired by life, Jhaye unravels a story of personal loss and hardship, with poetic yet simple lyrics mixed with captivating, silky smooth vocals. From catchy trap and R&B tracks to melancholy, soul crushing R&B ballads, Jhaye carries out well delivered, infectious melodies with smooth transitions from verse to chorus. On November 16 2018, Jhaye released her first official music production "Me Myself & I". A song about freedom and independence. The song is just a preview of what’s to come in 2019, when Jhaye is set to release her debut album! The project pays homage to Jhaye’s brother who passed away recently. With themes like grief, coping and love, be on the lookout for “Limbo”.

Jhaye's recently released song, "Me, Myself and I" which has a mellow, #JheneAiko vibe to it. Jhaye's music shows her battle with a relationship; she is stating that she doesn't need a man to keep her in check or to keep her prospering. She briefly describes on how she can provide guidance for herself. It’s a a song that empowers woman and really everyone to be their best independent self. The devious diva tackles on the societal image of women needing a man in their life and reconstructing the definition of independence. Listening to the lyrics thoroughly, you can determine how sincere and genuine this certain topic is to her as she poetically delivers the message in a riveting notion.

You can listen to “Me, Myself, and I” here and follow Jhaye on her social media, where you can stay up to date with her new releases!

We're super pumped here at BuzzMusic, and had the chance to Interview Jhaye about her new music and what will be upcoming in 2019!

Hi Jhaye! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hi! Yes, of course! My name is Jhaye, and I’m an independent singer/songwriter and

producer from Sweden. Besides studying Music Production at UCLA, I’m currently

working on my first EP “Limbo”. The album will be sort of a memoir, covering life events

that has had and still have a huge impact on me emotionally. I’m a writer and I’ve

always been, so all my lyrics are real stories and feelings - told from my own


How was the move from Sweden to Los Angeles? What prompted you to make that choice?

Moving across the Atlantic Ocean has been everything but smooth, yet rewarding on so

many levels. When I first came here I thought that you guys would be way ahead when

it comes to technology, but boy was I wrong. Haha! The fact that I had to go to the bank

every month and write a check, in order to pay the rent just blew me away. It probably

doesn’t seem like a big deal to anyone reading this, but when you have NO idea how

things work over here and the whole system is built to work against you as a foreigner-

with a student visa, it’s a LOT! Not to mention all the paperwork.

I moved to Los Angeles because I wanted to pursue a career in music. For as long as I

can remember, I always wanted to be a “superstar”, but not anymore. Now I’m just

really into creating and hoping to make a living off of it, because that’s the only way I

could keep doing music as much and as often as I would like to. Music is my therapy

and I can’t live without it.

Who are a few of your musical influences? 

Many! Right now, I’m listening a lot to #6lack’s latest album “East Atlanta Love Letter”,

and before that I was obsessed with Jhene Aiko’s album “Trip”. In general, I tend to

obsess over things, until I get tired of it and find something new to obsess over. It’s

kinda like my song “Me Myself & I”... if you pay close attention to the lyrics. But I am

also inspired by people who dedicate their whole life to help other people, and that’s

why I plan to donate parts of my earnings to non-profit organizations.

How has coping with your brother’s loss been? We’re sorry to hear about such an unfortunate event to occur in your personal life and it’s abundantly brave for you to be open on certain topics.

Thank you. Losing my brother is by far the worst thing I’ve had to go through in life, and

I’ve been through a lot. Death is part of life but suicide is not, or it shouldn’t be. When

you lose someone that close to suicide, you’re not just losing that one person but you

lose your whole family. It’s a feeling that cannot be described, and you don’t just “get

over it”. Whether you like it or not, people are gonna compare your suicide loss to a

natural death “type of loss”, and you can’t judge them. I didn’t understand what it meant

before either, it’s just the way we humans work. It’s only been a little more than a year

so... The only thing that’s been helping me is helping other people, but I’m far from

where I need to be- in terms of healing. My song “No More” raised $1220 for non-profit

organization To Write Love on Her Arms (https://twloha.com). I feel like I, as an artist

and public person have a responsibility to lead by example, and in this particular case-

for other survivors of suicide loss. I can’t say “break the stigma associated with suicide”

and then chose not to share my own story.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating “Me Myself & I”?

Some songs have taken me months to write, while other songs only took me about an

hour to write... “Me Myself & I” was one of the latter ones. The most challenging aspect

of all my projects is to know when it’s finished. I’m never fully satisfied with a song, so I

usually send it to some industry people that I trust for honest feedback, before I release


Why did you title your project “Limbo?” 

“Limbo” stands for “uncertain” and “unresolved”, a perfect description of my current

mood or state of mind. It’s like time is standing still and you’re in a situation where you

have no control. You’re just floating on air, waiting for anything and nothing. 

What are 3 things you'd love your fans to know about you? 

One thing I’d like you all to know is that Jhaye is pronounced "J", and I’m glad we cleared

that up now! I don’t like being the center of attention, unless it’s planned- like for

a concert or something like that. I’m very anti-social and some people would call it shy,

but for me, it’s more about the subject rather than the actual conversation. I hate small-

talk and I don’t know how to! I tend to get very awkward around big groups of

unfamiliar faces. Last but not least, I LOVE YOU! That was four, I know.

For someone who hasn't seen you live, what can they expect? 

I haven’t performed this last year, because I’ve changed so much artistically, both

stylistically and on a more personal level. Since I started producing my own music, I

have developed a new, more mature sound than that of my previous work, and I haven’t

yet performed any of those songs. However, once the album is done and I’m ready to

perform again, it will be in an intimate, acoustic setting kind of vibe- and the rest is a


What's next for you in 2019?

2019 will be the year of my album release, and also the year that I’ll start performing it.

Hopefully I’ll land a record deal by then, so that I can stay in the U.S. and continue my

music career. Oh, and hopefully two of my other projects, “Beats by Jhaye” and

“beJhayenerous”, will take off.

Connect with Jhaye on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JhayeMusic/

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