LA's DJ Trotsky Releases New Song "Strange Beautiful Dream"

“I have a dream, a strange beautiful dream”. David Brownstein also known as DJ Trotsky is an LA based songwriter, producer and mixer creating emotionally authentic, harmonically rich pop, electronic rock and alternative music. He released “Strange Beautiful Dream” and showed a softer side to the genre of fast-paced electronic music. The song is just purely happy. It’s absolutely difficult for me to wrap my head around the idea of anybody expressing any dulled emotions while listening. The radiance that the single is infused with it's dance-able groove and a psychedelic trance. Not only does DJ Trotsky deliver us a killer instrumental, he also shows off his fearless idiosyncrasy annexing onto his vocals to complete the song entirely. DJ Trotsky sings about a dream that he experienced which felt surreal. He doesn’t know if he enjoys the dream or not, but what he does know is the dream is appreciated and as he says it was a “Strange Beautiful Dream”. I also interpreted from this song that DJ Trotsky could be singing about a specific lost bond between him and a loved one - however he’s delivering it in a more lighthearted and untroubled sense of fashion. We appreciate DJ Trotsky’s creativity and willingness to use his open-mind to conduct a hit! His current projects combine electronic sounds, foundations and textures alongside organic instruments, exceptional vocals, strong melodies and a strong bass line. You can connect with DJ Trotsky on his social media!

Listen to "Strange Beautiful Dream".

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