LA's Taylor Olson Releases New Song "Manipulate”

Taylor Olson was born and raised in the Bay Area, primarily Sonoma and San Francisco! Taylor Olson began to show interest in music even at the young age of four. Constantly dancing to Michael and Janet Jackson music videos, he knew he was destined to become a star. As he got older he started to learn the piano, guitar and writing songs.After Taylor graduated high school, he wanted to start pursuing music as a career. He finished two years of college then moved to LA to accomplish his goals and strive for his dreams!

Taylor Olson dropped his newest release titled Manipulate. A love-bop that discusses the cloud-nine feeling romance have on people, driven by a stimulation of an emotional high. With a contemporary current pop instrumental and high dynamic vocals that evaporates your subdued mood, Taylor successfully delivered us a mainstream hit we can sing-a-long to while also relating to the lyricism. Taylor has an interesting yet favorable style to his singing and image. His detailed music and describable brand will carry him far in this crowded music industry! You can listen to Manipulatehere and follow Taylor Olson on social media!

Listen to Taylor Olson's new song "Manipulate" and check out our exclusive interview with Taylor. Find out how Taylor's Bay Area upbringing has influenced his music, and more!

How has your Bay Area upbringing influenced your music?

I think the Bay Area taught me to always have tough skin and not back down from my views or opinions. It also definitely taught me to be original and to create something I was passionate about.

If you can describe your artistry in three adjectives what would you describe yourself as and why?

Definitely organic would be the first one. I try to have my music and sound always reflect that time in my life and mood. Second would be interesting. I say that because I love making music and writing songs that get people to kinda tilt their head at first. I just love being a musical little weirdo. Third would be strong. I like my music to have a message behind it. From the fun and upbeat rapping tracks to my more serious ballads I like them all to have a powerful feel to them that kinda tracks you in that moment.

What’s your interpretation of “Manipulate”? What message are you trying to get across?

I’ve always loved that word “Manipulate”. I feel like it has so many different meanings to it and that’s why it’s so fun to play with it. And it kinda has this negative connotation to it and I’m kinda trying to flip that a little. Sometimes being manipulated into love can be a great thing. Someone who can maybe manipulate all the good things in you to shine more. 

Are you excited to share this single alongside the other songs set for release from your “8in8” project? Why is "Manipulate" a special song for you?

My “8in8” project has become the greatest achievement in my career. 8 singles and 8 music videos in 8 months was an idea I came up with in January while I was in London. It was kinda a joke cause I didn’t think it would be possible at all but then I worked my ass off and self funded the entire project. “Manipulate” was actually the first song that was written for the project but got released second. It’s special to me because it’s definitely the most fun song to create and the story behind it of how “Manipulate” can be bent to have all these different meanings. 

What is your favorite part about making music and why?

My favorite part about making music is simply expressing my self in the truest and most honest way I know how. Music truly saved my life. 

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