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Lady Raw Shows Us What She’s Got In, “Say So Reloaded”

Georgia-born Ra’Seanda Brooks, better known by her pseudonym of Lady Raw, has proven to be just that “RAW.” Her latest single, "Say So Reloaded," featuring Cal Wayne & Stunna Bam, brings us a top-notch rap song we've all been waiting for.

She is not only a female rap artist but also a songwriter, engineer, and producer. Being given the stage name of Lady Raw depicts her inner struggle to become one of the greatest female rap artists. The RAW in her stage name represents every REAL ASPIRING WOMAN. By age 10, she displayed a deep passion for writing poetry and learned how to rhyme words. She continued by releasing a single entitled “Swap” featuring Hip-hop artist BowWow and a single through her label Bentley entitled “Bank” featuring Hip-hop Artist Soulja Boy. Lady Raw has now released “Say So Reloaded,” featuring artists Cal Wayne and Stunna Bam, both from Houston, Texas.

"Say So Reloaded" brings an old-school raw vibe that has us all jamming. This club hit will have all of us dancing while Lady Raw spits the rawest bars alongside her colleagues Cal and Stunna. And the way she formulates her rhyme speech has us in ore; she continues to deliver catchy tones with less harsh terms and more raw, authentic vibes.

As "Say So Reloaded" is introduced to us, it enters with an energetic instrumental with trap elements; Lady Raw starts by saying, "They'll move when I say so," which is the most epic intro to the next rap hit single! Lady Raw's verse starts, and our ears are delighted to hear her voice. She mixes the rap flow with her singing voice, talking about her lifestyle and not associating herself with people who pretend. Her catchy chorus and eclectic vocals bring a new feeling to the record.

As we proceed, Lady Raw mentions how she wants to work hard in lyrics like "All I ever wanna do is grind hard" and how not having much time has people asking questions. Then, in another line, she say's, "Drip game on fleek from my head to my feet," and we already know she means it. At this point, the energy rises like fire as Cal and Stunna gift us hard rap bars, and they start going back and forth with Lady Raw like the old-school rap we grew up listening to.

As we end, we receive an outro worth dancing to, and with the chorus taking us out, we can genuinely see why she chose the name Lady Raw. We received endless energy and vibes from "Say So Reloaded" with equal force from all the artists. We can expect more from Lady Raw. In fact, she's just getting started.

Let's grasp the vibes with Lady Raw's new hit single "Say So Reloaded" featuring Cal Wayne and Stunna Bam, available on all digital streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lady Raw. We are so excited to have you join us today. We love "Say So Reloaded" please tell us how this record came about and how you connected with the Cal and Stunna to complete it?

The original version of Say So came about from a connection made between myself and my producer Omerta out of Paris, France. Say So Reloaded was born from a mere conversation between my uncle in Houston, Texas, and my dad. My uncle felt that the collaboration would be electric, so the rest is history. Being a rapper requires a skill you indeed have. What do you do to keep your vocabulary fresh and your lyrics unique?

I enhance my skills by writing one song daily. To keep my vocabulary fresh, I study the dictionary, I stay up on the latest news and hottest topics. There is a tremendous amount of energy we feel when we listen to "Say So Reloaded," tell us how you channel that energy and what helps you get in the zone? The beat itself was high energy, so I had no other choice but to come hard or go home.

Being a female rapper in a male-dominated industry, what is one thing you'd like to change now or in the future for rappers like you and the ones to come?

It is very hard being a successful female rap artist in a male-dominated industry. We have to work 100 times harder just to get our feet in the door. What I want to change is how women in the industry are viewed. We work just as hard, and we deserve a seat at the table. I want to be recognized for my gift of music and what I bring to the industry. If I could change anything, it would be the dynamics of the business. I, too, deserve a seat at the table.

What's next for you?

In the next upcoming weeks, I will be dropping my new single, “My Opponent,” produced by my 11-year-old son “ JayParisOntheTrac.”. In August, I will be shooting the Say So Reloaded video in Houston, Texas. In September, my EP “Black Heart” will be released.


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