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Lady Sidekick Takes the Wheel of Their Own Artistic Voyage

Toronto born, Lady Sidekick reigns as a Trans/Non-Binary artist that uses an array of musical icons as their muse in the melodies they put forth.

Growing up within the Toronto landscape, eclectic and ever-changing sounds fused with Lady Sidekick’s love for 70’s soul artists to 80’s metal bands.

From performing at a young age, music always had a place in the heart of Lady Sidekick. While only taking the vulnerable leap of faith to put their creations out into the world within the last year, Lady Sidekick had time to adapt their own confessional lyrical style that pairs with groovy, Blues inspired descants.

Defining their musical genre as a fusion between R&B and Hip-Pop, the emerging artist describes their style as, if Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga formed a child who grew up listening to Mac Miller. Through the disarray that 2020 has brought, Lady Sidekick has remained busy working on their craft in order to bring true perfection to their listeners.

Shining a spotlight on loves found and lost amongst self-discovery, “Gemini,” has us wrapped up in the luxurious guitar riffs that fortify the instrumental foundation that Lady Sidekick’s vocals seamlessly sprawl upon. Written through a time in their life when emotional turmoil was extremely apparent, the lessons learned allowed Lady Sidekick to capture what they needed within themselves. With starry-eyed visuals to match, swaying between smooth singings and an emcee-like cadence, Lady Sidekick raises the bar.

The most recent heartfelt single from Lady Sidekick has us diving into nostalgic grooves and infectious rhythm through the lush instrumentation present. “Electric Touch,” pairs delicate harmonies and powerful reverberations like a fine wine decanting. Delving into those moments you have with someone that you wish you could replay repeatedly is the soul quintessence of, “Electric Touch.” Allowing bliss and desire to take the wheel, Lady Sidekick exposes the susceptibility they hold with the emotion of love.

A natural-born performer, Lady Sidekick is ready to take the stage again post Covid-19 restrictions. Continuously using songwriting as the greatest emotional outlet they could find, Lady Sidekick has plenty more in store for their rapidly growing fan base. Half-part troubadour, and half storyteller, make no mistake about it, Lady Sidekick is no sidekick to any one artist or musical style, but a pioneer towards blending different musical genres into a pastiche of sonic pleasantries.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Lady Sidekick, and congratulations on the success that you experienced this year. With 2020 being such a wild ride, what has been your biggest takeaway from the year?

Thank you so much!! It definitely has been a wild ride. My biggest take away from 2020 would have to be, appreciate what you have when you have it, cause good things to disappear too quickly.

Your single, “Gemini,” was released this past July, but more recently a music video can be found on YouTube for it. Could you please take us behind the scenes and tell us about your experience on the set of, “Gemini?"

Filming music videos is always really fun for me because I work with a really small team. I do a lot of the filming (and all of the editing) myself. It allows me to express myself in different ways. Coming up with the concept for Gemini was interesting because not only is this song about a relationship with someone (a Gemini) but it's also about finding another side of myself, so I tried to apply both concepts of losing one’s self and finding it elsewhere in this music video.

You mentioned that you love performing. What has been the best show that you have been part of? Please tell us your reasoning behind your choice.

I always tell people that no matter how many big stages I have performed on, with countless other musicians, my favorite performances are the monthly gigs I play at a small local barbershop called Rod Gun and Barbers in Toronto. You'll never understand the energy I feel from the people in that bar until you have been submerged into that wild ride of an evening. I never leave those shows without my heart pumping and a huge smile on my face!

Now, this year you teased us with two singles! Can we expect any larger projects coming up?

Yes yes yes! I am planning a much bigger release (full EP) for 2021, and I am very excited about it!

Out of every lyric, you have written, do you have one that resonates with you more than others?

Ouf, that’s a tough one. Most of my lyrics hold a lot of meaning to me because I tend to write from very vulnerable places, but I think one lyric that really holds closest to my heart and soul would be “I'm sad like I'm missing someone, but I think that someone I'm missing is me.” (a little taste of the upcoming tunes).

What has been the greatest moment in your musical journey thus far?

The greatest moment of my musical journey thus far has been really truly loving the art that I make, and I know that may seem vague, but I spent so many years writing for other people and not just letting my emotions do the work, and now I have finally found a way to just be me and not care what others think!

What words of wisdom do you have for any artists who want to release their music into the world but perhaps are hesitant?

Honestly, the only thing I can really say is RELEASE IT! And this is coming from a perfectionist. Art is meant to be shared! Once you have expressed yourself it's time to tell the world who you are and what you believe in! Don't get caught up in trying to make your songs perfect. Write it (and maybe rewrite it a few times lol) record it, and let it go. More stuff will come to you once you've let those songs out into the world.



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