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Laine Takes Us "Into Night Times," With Her Latest Love-Inspired Single

Hailing from Tampa is multi-genre artist Laine and she's debuting her love-infused, pop-focused single, "Into Night Times."

As an artist who puts a ton of focus on representation within her music and everyday life, Laine is all about using her platform to promote her truth. Wanting to end her artist debut with the biggest bang, Laine releases "Into Night Times" as a means to tie up the musical extravaganza.

"Into Night Times" focused on ensuring listeners were given a quality, dance-inspiring, and relatable experience. The production of the song manifests an uplifting, whimsical atmosphere that brings a sense of freedom upon listening ears.

With a fun-loving ambiance, "Into Night Times" is centered around the concept of love, and the yearning that Laine has for a certain warm embrace. She's sharing all of her intimate expressions through the song, ensuring that listeners can reach out and feel every emotion related to the narrative she's presenting. Her vocal tone is harmonious with a charismatic-like quality that truly pulls in listening ears.

All in all, "Into Night Times" brought on a thorough and refreshing listening experience that left us daydreaming about Laine and her future music.

Welcome, Laine, and congratulations on the successful release of "Into Night Times." Now, this release was your song to end your artistic debut. Why did you choose this particular song to end off on? Today is a good day and I am looking forward to the reception of both the song and lyric video. I would like to add I am continuing my artistic debut, just how long can a debut last (I’ll take it if I can get away with it! Ha!)? I am celebrating the success I’ve had thus far and reviewing these past 8 months to gain more insight on how to share my “sound”. I know it’s different, I know I haven’t heard anything quite like the mix of music I have, and it’s just a matter of figuring out how best to get it out into the world. Trust me, no end here! Just new beginnings (as is after every release). "Into Night Times" has a clear and straightforward storyline. Were you hoping the narrative of the song was interpreted the same amongst your listeners? The beauty of music is that listeners can and will interpret narratives to fit their perspective. It’s why everyone has unique opinions, it’s what makes you, you. However, if the listener’s interpretation is true for them, and not me, their perception is reality. This song? It’s just how I was feeling at the time, and it was a promise I wanted to make! It’s fun to listen to for me with the multiple musical influences in the background.

What kind of inspiration did you have to collect in order to write the content for "Into Night Times"? I feel like I should shed some light on my “process” here. I usually just have a feeling/emotion, open a memo or note, and write it down. My process takes about 15 minutes for writing a complete song. That’s any song. It’s literally all in my head! Maybe I’ll write the words down and hum the melody, and sit at the piano and put chords to it that make sense- or maybe I’ll sit at the piano at the same time as I’m writing. It’s a very short process. I write what I am feeling. It’s very fluid. I have a library full of music just waiting to get out there! Did you work with any producers for your single "Into Night Times," or had you produced the single yourself, considering your artistic capabilities extend to producing? For this track, I shared the initial production with Erik Mason, later reproducing it myself. The mixing and vocal engineering all came at oversight and direction from Master Engineer, John Seda. He allowed me to really experiment with mixing and engineering on this track, so it was really fun! My sound is *very* specific. I know what I want-how it sounds like, it’s all upstairs in my head. All aspects of the production and arrangement- come from me, and I often will use live sound samples taken from my everyday life on my phone. If I’m not physically pressing the buttons, or don’t know how (I am learning more every day), that’s when I know to ask for help.

My take? If you’re not learning- do something else. If you’re the smartest at the table? Find another table. I always strive to learn and grow. Self-improvement extends beyond self and into professionalism as well. What's next for you, Laine? Specifically next? Preparing for the premiere of this release! I have to say I LOVE my lyric videos (shout out to Karina Dion and her motion mastery!). They are so awesome! It’s great to have a visualization of my sound, not just words on a screen, and we are careful to create a story/journey with each release. You can even see the progression on my social pages! I rebrand often and keep things fresh! It’s really about the present, right here, right now. And right now? I’m enjoying this A LOT! I’ll be keeping up the momentum, expand my following, and would really like to see the listeners engage with my journey from song to song. Collaboration isn’t off the table either… All in all, the road to success is how we define it. By doing what I love, and sharing it with the world, I feel success in that. There’s a certain joy in just being yourself and I’m loving it.


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