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Lamont Caldwell Shares His Intense Charm in "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)"

Multi-instrumentalist Lamont Caldwell hails from Los Angeles, California, and is here to showcase his recent solo project, titled "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)." If you're wondering why the voice of Lamont Caldwell may sound familiar, then there's a chance you've heard him perform as the frontman in rock band MACH22. With his solo projects, he tends to bring a completely different perspective to the table and integrates his quirky components as a means of expressing his individuality.

Produced by Grammy award-winning producer Joe Nicolo, "Thunder Ball (You're Mine) is the follow-up to Lamont Caldwell's last solo offering, "Wide Open Love." This time, Lamont Caldwell zooms into his confident persona and expresses his interest in a particular woman within "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)." As the title suggests, Lamont Caldwell's song is all about letting a particular individual know he's claimed them, and there's no escaping his interest. He keeps the melody fun-spirited and upbeat, full of eccentric, rock-inspired energy for the taking. "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)" offers a quality ambiance to soak up, and Lamont Caldwell's eclectic road only continues to get paved throughout the song. His soulful delivery is appreciated, and his delivery is quite compelling. Adding in a little sultry appeal, Lamont Caldwell knows what it takes to produce a riveting rock experience that tells a story worth listening to.

Listen to "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)" if you're craving a thoroughly stimulating and intriguing rock song. "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)" is now available on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lamont Caldwell, and congratulations on yet another solo release, this time, the release of "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)." What emotions are you facing right now knowing that you've debuted another solo project?

Excitement! there are so many people that are loving these songs. I’m so happy that so many people are enjoying the new music! If the listeners of "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)" could take away one message from the song, which would the message be?

Don’t give up on love! I know I have a few times myself but know your worth and don’t settle if you feel you are not being valued at your worth.

I'm sure listeners (including us) are curious about the inspiration behind "Thunder Ball (You're Mine,)" considering the content shared within the song. Was this song influenced by a particular individual within your personal life?

Of course, it was. The best way to relate to a song no matter who the writer is being able to truly connect with the content of the lyrics especially when you are the writer.

How does working in a solo manner compare to working in a creative set with MACH22? How would you compare "Thunder Ball (You're Mine)" to the general songs MACH22 releases?

It’s like soul searching. It’s a completely internal process. This song though was written with Chuck Treece and King Brit and collaborating is a very unique process in itself. Sometimes takes you out of your comfort zone which can create really great music!

What's next for you?

These 2 songs are going to be part of my solo EP. I plan to do shows to support the release, do more writing and there will be MACH22 music and shows coming soon in the near future.


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