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LaTasha Gets Fun and Sincere in “Air Therapy”

Neo-soul/R&B music artist LaTasha Shemwell has quite an impressive resumé. As a classically trained Opera artist, LaTasha Shemwell uses her musical intuition and skill to teach children the ins and outs of the music world.

Singing and dominating a variety of genres, such as Country, Pop, Rock, Christian, and Indie, LaTasha Shemwell has a clear record of defining the very meaning of versatility, artistic-wise. LaTasha Shemwell has the goal in mind of wanting to create passion-filled, unique music, and her latest song release, “Air Therapy” proves she’s on the right track.

Right away you can hear that smooth and textured vocal sound once LaTasha Shemwell begins singing. She has matured her vocal range and shows it off extremely well throughout “Air Therapy." She carries a lively quality that reels us into her versatile, articulated voice, and ultimately leaving us hypnotized. Really take a moment to listen in to her layered voice—the variety of levels she reaches within one song alone is goosebump-worthy. It’s within this aspect of her sound that one can really hone into the vocal experience and knowledge LaTasha Shemwell carries.

“Air Therapy” dives into the story of a love interest, and all those extravagant things one is compelled to do for love. LaTasha Shemwell glides listeners through the passionate ideas she has for her love, and she encapsulates such a sweet narrative, all while bringing on a production that gives off that infectious feel-good energy.

“Air Therapy” embodies LaTasha Shemwell’s idea of fun-loving, amorous sentiments, and we’re 100% here for that exhilarating ride.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic LaTasha. “Air Therapy” was a fun-loving, R&B-inspired track, and it was so natural to get along with the song right from the start. What type of atmosphere and overall impact were you hoping to create for your listeners with the release of the song?

"Air Therapy" is about going out and living life to the fullest. So many times we get so caught up in our careers and day to day life that, we forget to stop and breathe.

"Air Therapy” followed along with a clear storyline. Can you elaborate more for our readers on the main messages you embedded into the track? This song screams summertime! My hope is that my listeners will go out for a bike ride, have a date night with their loved one and just have a good time. Life is too short to be bitter or angry. How do you feel your training as a classical Opera artist aids you in the very music you construct today? My classical background has definitely taught me how to "sing smart." Basically, how to breathe properly, and how to not push my voice but preserve it.

Can listeners expect similar styles presented in “Air Therapy” within your future music?

My next release coming out later this year has this same sound but more of an acoustic feel. It's called "Simple Women"

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