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LaTasha Shemwell Breaks “Free” In A Radiant New Tune

Owensboro, KY native, singer-songwriter, and sweet-sounding r&b recording artist LaTasha Shemwell releases some pent-up emotions in a dazzling new single, "Free."

Having graduated with a bachelor's Degree in Music Performance-Opera emphasis, it's clear that LaTasha Shemwell knows her way around her craft. She's also a vocal coach at Midtown Music Academy and continues to broaden her horizons with adventurous creations that know no bounds.

Since 2020, Shemwell has been dedicated to her independent music career. She's keeping the momentum rolling with honest, relatable, and ear-pleasing new songs like the recent single, "Free." This cathartic and lush r&b song sees LaTasha Shemwell unleashing her long-held emotions for a partner who can't seem to get their act together. It's a groovy toe-tapper that's equally as radiant as it is brutally honest.

Hitting play on "Free," the experience begins with a warm, mid-tempo, and lush jazz/r&b instrumental that rains down with good vibes and a sweet, sensual undertone. As LaTasha Shemwell's mesmerizing vocals pour in, she wastes no time letting someone know that she's ready to pack up and "Free" herself from self-neglect, pain, and finances that she never had help with.

It's one of those songs that keeps you hooked on each individual lyric, letting your jaw drop to the floor when Shemwell gets personal and puts this person on blast. All while she's full-on roasting them, the sweet and fluid sonics continue pouring through the speakers with the grooviest bass licks, percussion, and keyboard melodies that leave us floating amongst the stars.

Looking for an excuse to pack up and leave? Allow LaTasha Shemwell to be the sign you've been looking for with her latest single, "Free," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LaTasha Shemwell. What experiences compelled you to create such a powerful and expressive song like "Free?" What inspired this empowering piece?

I'm definitely a factual storyteller when it comes to writing songs. This one, in particular, was about a past experience from my perspective. I want to be able to empower other females with the message, "No, your self-worth, and don't settle."

Was it easy to be so open and honest when writing such personal lyrics for "Free?" What was that songwriting process like?

Being transparent about my past relationship was hard but satisfying at the same time. Being able to write about this has definitely been a healing process for me.

How would you describe your sound in "Free?" What genres or artists might have influenced the sound of this single?

"Free" is definitely a neo-soul vibe. My biggest influences in this genre are Jill Scott and Erika Badu.

What do you hope to provide listeners with when they hear "Free?" Do you hope they can relate to your words and feel empowered to "Free" themselves?

My hope is that other females or males can relate to my lyrics and that it inspires them. No relationship is perfect, but it has to consist of trust, open communication, and compromise in order for it to be healthy and successful.


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