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Laura Jane Enchants Us With Her New Music Video, “Weep Willow”

The renowned recording artist and singer-songwriter Laura Jane blesses us with an ethereal music video to her new single, "Weep Willow."

Laura Jane is quickly on her way to stardom, especially after performing and recording for artists like Carrie Underwood, Aerosmith, Billy Ray Cyrus, The Black Eyed Peas, and many more. Jane has appeared on numerous television shows worldwide and has offered her musical creations to various shows and movie soundtracks, all of which have helped her become a household name.

The next stop on her evolving artistic journey is her forthcoming EP, 'Weep Willow.' Laura Jane recently dropped the lead single and title track of the upcoming EP as well as a transcendent music video. Regarding the music video, Jane makes it easy to keep our focus locked on such a refreshing and empowering visual experience, especially with the many neon accents and fluid body movements.

Diving into the music video for "Weep Willow," the scene opens with dark blue lighting and shots of Laura Jane softly swaying her silk scarf in the wind and dramatically posing with confidence and emotion. We adore the performance scenes within this refreshing music video, especially as Laura Jane continues to sing about finding the strength to get back on the right path.

The visuals in this video both resemble that of the past and the future, primarily through the modern edits and neon accents paired with Laura Jane's ancient and goddess-looking attire. While she continues to fluidly and peacefully move her body to the song's lush and chilling sonics, Laura Jane makes her way to the outro and closes the video with tremendous emotion and passion.

Feast your eyes on Laura Jane's latest music video for "Weep Willow," now available to watch on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Laura Jane. What an enchanting and engaging visual experience you've offered with your latest music video for "Weep Willow." What inspired the calming and tranquil ambiance for the music video?

The video for WEEP WILLOW features three characters, one is me, the other is a warrior princess and the other is the goddess/action hero figure. These were the people I had to become to survive the darkest moments of the initial lockdown of 2020. I didn't feel like myself most of 2020 and I had to dig deep to find the strength to overcome the fear and anxiety I was feeling. I also wanted to incorporate the color purple in the video. The color purple is the color of mourning, nobility, and royalty.

What inspired the song itself, "Weep Willow?” How is the song's concept reflected in the music video?

The song is a lament of sorts, built around poetry. Weep Willow is a woman crying finding the strength to get back up. As an artist in the initial lockdown of 2020 most of us had our calendars completely go away, it was scary for us as artists and musicians, this song came from that moment and feeling of vulnerability.

Did you work with any directors or videographers when creating the music video for "Weep Willow?” What was the experience like working with your team on set?

I worked with Mike Quain of Quain Photography for the music video. Normally I will talk about my concepts to the director and the things I see in it. I also detail moments in the song sonically that I think a visual needs to happen on as well as underlining certain lyrics in the song that should have a visual that coincides with the thought. Mike Quain is amazing and dedicated to artists and loves creating. I also worked with my hair and makeup artist LaNiece McKay - she was so important in bringing these “characters’ to life…..

How does the song "Weep Willow" get us ready for your forthcoming EP, 'Weep Willow?’ What should we expect from the project?

The EP reflects a moment in history that I think was emotionally and spiritually very hard for most of us, the EP is about surviving this moment. It’s melancholy, moody and ambient, and thought-provoking. It’s empty and bare in production again hopefully revealing the mood of 2020.


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