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Laura Lang Channels Her Deepest Emotions In Her Debut EP, 'All Downhill from There'

From Memphis, Tennessee, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and alternative recording artist Laura Lang releases her highly-anticipated debut EP, 'All Downhill from There.'

The 16-year-old's vocals and lyrics are well beyond her years. Through her vulnerable, sensitive, and emotional words, Laura Lang is able to draw in listeners through the art of relatability. With inspirations like Lana Del Rey, Phoebe Bridgers, and Rex Orange County, listeners can better understand Lang's pop-inspired melodies, captivating chord progressions, and enchanting harmonies.

In Laura Lang's debut EP, 'All Downhill from There,' the journey begins with the introductory track, "Lithium." Opening with the softest electric guitar melodies and sparkling background pads, Laura Lang kicks off the project with immense emotion. As she makes her airy and haunting vocal appearance, Lang begins to expand on being stuck in a routine that's done more harm than good. The soft and gentle drums begin to pour in from the background while increasing the song's power and emotion from all angles. We adore this introductory track about Laura Lang realizing she deserves better.

Moving onto track number two, "Happiness," we move into more haunting and chilling waters as Laura Lang opens the song with her bright acoustic guitar and lyrics that sing of someone's every way being woven into her soul. As we move further through the verse, the echoing background pads float in from a distance and enhance the song's emotion while Laura Lang serenades us on the empowering hook. As she continues to wish someone well on their journey, Lang makes it clear that they will not be missed. We truly admire the empowering theme Laura Lang has shown throughout the project thus far.

Reaching the EP's midway point with "Sunburn," we get to hear Laura Lang's ukulele abilities as she opens this song like a breath of fresh air. Once her gentle, breathy, and transcendent harmonies begin to rain down from above, Laura Lang instantly reminds of the emotive harmonies from acts like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Rey. Moving towards the hook, another big and bold kick drum smashes our soul to pieces while Lang serenades us regarding her inner need for freedom amid such a turbulent and tumultuous relationship.

Onto the project's fourth track, "Rust," Lang moves back into her haunting and saddened ways as she opens the song with her raw and clear vocals alongside a melancholy electric guitar melody. While singing of destroying everything she touches and wondering what others think of her, Lang lays it all on the line and unleashes her vulnerable thoughts for us to relate with. The muffled drums in this track bring this blue haze that perfectly enhances the song's gloomy and introspective feel. Laura Lang leaves us floating in the celestials with her soothing harmonies that are truly food for the soul.

Landing on the EP's final and outro track, "Funny Feeling," Lang opens the song by expressing her emotions over someone moving cities and the changes she's faced with making. While the soothing and reverbed electric guitar continues to seep through our speakers with the utmost emotion, Laura Lang emphasizes her thoughts of living life in such mundane routines, and she gets a "Funny Feeling" that she's seen it all before. As the song's second half breaks down with this heavy alt-rock instrumental, Laura Lang drifts towards the outro like a ray of sun in a field of chaos and destruction.

Open your heart and mind with help from Laura Lang's new cathartic 5-track EP, 'All Downhill from There,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Laura Lang. We're truly impressed with the emotion and vulnerability you've brought to your debut EP, 'All Downhill from There.' When did you begin creating the project? What inspired you to do so?

The first song I wrote for the EP was Lithium in the fall of 2020. I was just inspired by the people around me and the experiences I've had over the past year.

Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating the vibe, tone, and overall atmosphere of your debut EP, 'All Downhill from There?'

The main influence of the EP was what I was surrounded by at the moment. Whether that was nature, friends, or my feelings of loneliness. I knew I wanted the vibe to be a little sad but in a fun way because that's kind of me as a person.

Which song was the most challenging to create in terms of vulnerability and emotion on the EP 'All Downhill from There?' What was it like opening up when creating that song?

The hardest song to make lyrically was either Lithium or Funny Feeling because they both highlight some pretty heartbreaking experiences. I know while writing Lithium I was going through a rough patch so everything was really raw. Funny Feeling, on the other hand, was more reflective and I had more distance from what I was actually talking about. Vulnerability is always challenging but writing those songs felt freeing.

Did you work with any producers, musicians, or engineers to finalize the EP, 'All Downhill from There?' Who helped bring the project into existence?

After I finished writing everything I knew it needed to be recorded because that was my dream. I got in contact with Calvin Lauber and he ended up producing, mixing, and mastering all the tracks. He also played bass, drums, and some guitar also. I wrote all songs and music. Performed vocals and harmonies played ukulele and piano and synth. . It was a collaborative effort and we really fed off of each other creatively. For Sunburn Basil Alter played violin and cello, and Mikaeka Davis on Harp

Seeing that 'All Downhill from There' is your debut project, how does it represent you and help listeners get to know your music?

I think the EP shows a lot of range stylistically while also staying cohesive and to the point of what I was trying to get across. I love sharing my experiences through music and all I wanted was for people to hear it and maybe relate. I think I succeeded.

What's next for you?

Well, I already began writing new stuff and I think it's all really great. It also shows growth musically and personally. I am hoping to get into the studio soon though!

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