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Laura Loh Is Getting “Closer” to Where She Wants to Be

Serenading us from Hampshire, UK is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Laura Loh with her breathtaking and personal new single, "Closer."

Laura Loh was born into a musical family. The classically trained vocalist, pianist, and violinist turned to the guitar at 13 years old. It was there that Loh realized her skill in songwriting and music creation. Now, she creates a blissful sound that ranges from alternative pop to alternative folk.

When Laura Loh's not gracing studios with her mesmerizing vocals, playing popular festivals, or serenading radio listeners, she's hard at work expanding her craft. The UK-based recording artist recently released her compelling new single, "Closer," which clutches the soul with relatable themes of finally becoming who you want to be.

Listening to "Closer," the song calmly opens with downtempo, airy drums alongside lush organs and soothing piano melodies. As Laura Loh's soft vocals expand on picking herself up and looking to the future with optimism, she floats her way over to the hook that leaves us chilled to the bone.

This song has so much tender emotion, and Laura Loh's vulnerability is truly inspiring. While singing about getting "Closer" to where and who she wants to be, Loh reminds us that scars and traumas are what made us the powerful and strong people we are today.

"Closer" is soothing, and Loh does an incredible job of taking her past pains and using them as inspiration for a brighter future. We're sure any listener will appreciate the hope she brings to the table in this anthem for self-forgiveness and personal growth.

Lift your mind, body, and soul with Laura Loh's recent touching single, "Closer," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Laura Loh. You've truly left us inspired after listening to your new single, "Closer." Were there any moments or experiences that inspired you to create this personal piece?

Wow, thank you! “Closer” is about recovery and personal growth, inspired by my experience with mental health. I was going through a hard time and I wrote this song to remind myself that it’s okay to fall down and take your time.

Just pick yourself back up and keep going. I felt so inspired when writing it that I got totally carried away with it and ended up producing my own song for the first time. It was a really therapeutic and fun creative experience for me.

What did your songwriting process look like for "Closer?" Did you encounter any challenges, or was it rather easy to let your words and thoughts flow?

It felt easy. I think because the song is so personal and honest, I was really able to just let the words come out and not overthink it. I remember sitting down at the piano and having the full song written pretty quickly. Songwriting is like therapy for me and writing “Closer” was definitely a healing process. When I started writing it, I could already hear certain elements of the final production, like the heavy drums, the strings in the background, and the organ sound. I always had a very clear vision in my head. I loved arranging the vocals, especially that middle eight section - stacking harmonies is always fun. This song is like a piece of me and I'm so excited to finally share it!

Do you want listeners to find a sense of hope in "Closer?" What do you want them to experience when listening?

Absolutely, I want people to find hope and comfort in this song, just as I did when writing it. In my experience, when I open up about my mental health, it encourages other people to do the same. It has sparked conversations with people in my life who are struggling with the same things. I think we all have a tendency to be too hard on ourselves. I hope this song reminds people to celebrate the progress that they are making every day, no matter how small. It's so easy to focus only on how far away you are from your goal, and how much work there still is to do, but I want to encourage a more positive perspective. You may not be there yet, but you are getting closer to where you want to be.

Do you usually create such personal, emotional, and vulnerable songs like "Closer?" Would you say that's a big part of your artistic approach?

I’m always true to myself in my music. I guess I’m most inspired to write when I’m feeling emotional. I started writing songs because I needed a safe space to express myself and process my thoughts and feelings. Having said that, not all of my songs are quite as emotional and vulnerable as “Closer.” My last release “Morning Light” was much lighter and happier, but still felt very personal to me. I love experimenting creatively and wouldn’t want to limit myself. I write whatever I feel at the time.

What's next for you?

Lots more music to come this year! I think it’s a nice mix of vulnerable, personal songs and also some more fun, light-hearted stuff. I’m really enjoying writing new songs and taking on this new challenge of producing my music! I can’t wait to share more soon…


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