Laura Lucas Takes You on a Musical Journey With “Moon Dream”

22-year-old Laura Lucas is an up and coming folk singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Canada that has just recently released her first single “Poetry”.  Laura is also a poet, something that shines through in her lyrics and adds another layer of creativity to her songs. She works with producer Garrett Kato to turn her poems and melodies into works of art that can be appreciated by all. “Moon Dream” is Laura Lucas’ latest release, an acoustic folk song that leaves you feeling light and airy after a first listen.

Her voice is soft and sweet, dancing between notes and complimenting the acoustics. She is accompanied by light guitar and piano, helping guide her voice to the next note but not overpowering the lyrics. The melody is simple yet captivating, sounding almost solemn in contrast to her serene voice. “Moon Dream” is the type of song that makes you close your eyes and take in the music, bringing you an appreciation for stripped-down, beautiful songs that accentuate the vocals of the artist. The song truly emulates the flowing, stories, and images created in our minds as we dream, and Laura takes us through a dream about the moon and the power that it holds. She sings about wanting to surrender to its beauty, in a touching song you’ll want to listen to.

Listen to “Moon Dream” by Laura Lucas here.