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Laurel Smith Helps Us Get "Out the Cage"

North London's rising star, electro-pop artist, and singer-songwriter Laurel Smith leaves her audience lost in the haze of her moody dark-pop single, "Out the Cage."

While blurring the lines of pop, r&b, and hip-hop, Laurel Smith promises to keep her audience engaged with each intricate and elaborate release. Inspired by powerhouse female acts like Lana Del Rey and Ashnikko, Laurel Smith's imagination and creativity know no bounds as she continues to turn heads in our crowded industry.

Returning with her first single of the year, "Out the Cage," Laurel Smith brings listeners into a profoundly intriguing atmosphere through her layered vocal harmonies and accompanying sonics that immerse us in the dark narratives of electro-pop. Also fueling the single with moody organic instrumentation, we adore the dark appeal and heavy adventure that Laurel Smith takes us on.

Opening "Out the Cage" are powerful samples of a wild jungle accompanied by Japanese-inspired instrumentation, broadening the song's sonic atmosphere right off the bat. Once Laurel Smith makes her breathy vocal appearance, she wastes no time to pull listeners deep into her moody stylings as her layered harmonies bring all the heaviness and reflection of conceptual dark pop.

Moving towards the hook, a groaning bass-like synth powers through alongside trap-like drums and soft woodwind instrumentals. We're more than impressed by the dense atmosphere Laurel Smith delivers within this exhilarating tune, as she reminds us to break free from our societal norms and get "Out the Cage."

Get down with Laurel Smith's moody and exciting single "Out the Cage" and find yourself enamored by the song's conceptual lyricism and blistering sonic approach. Now available on all streaming platforms.

We really enjoyed your dominant performance and inspirational lyricism within your recent music video for "L8 Nights." What did you want your audience to take away for themselves from your motivational music video and single?

Thank you very much, I'm happy you liked it. I wanted the video to be a natural as possible so it's focused on me and my story and getting people pumped up and ready for the next day and the week and month ahead so we can achieve our goals. I wanted the confidence of the song to come out through the video. Diving deeper into your music video for "L8 Nights," did you work with any directors, editors, or producers? Who accompanied you during this process? Yes, I did, I worked with my partner Amber Winter and my editor Ditsum who I have worked with over the last year and this was our 5th music video together since July last year. We filmed everything ourselves including the drone shots and had an equal say in the creative process. The video took 1 week to film and edit and that was impressive. What inspired the various scenes of you performing within different areas of your hometown for the music video "L8 Nights?" What sort of vibe and feel did you want to capture through these scenes? We wanted to capture natural scenery and for those who live in Norwich, they might know some of the areas we filmed. I know how important the visual aspect of a music video can be so I felt this was the right track to make a video for based on the energy. Now that your third mixtape's release, 'Blue Magic 3' is almost here, we'd like to ask what's different this time around? How does the new mixtape contrast 'Blue Magic 2' and 'Blue Magic?' I think with BM 1 and BM2 I was in the experimental stage of the artist I wanted to become. This time around I think it's more aggressive, straight to the point and I have taken more time to make it. I have also included some more features from other artists who compliment my style well which I believe gives the project a good solid feel. The main thing is to have fun and put my best work out there and I think we will do that with BM3. What's next for you?

The Blue magic 3 mixtape is my main focus, then I and my team are working on a small 5/6 day tour in the UK towards the end of the year. More positive energy and more good music I hope as well. The main goal is to keep improving so every year we can see a difference and keep growing.


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