Law Of All Debut Single "Mare" Is A Feel Good Tune For Your Your All Playlists

Law of All, an alternative rock trio formed in Oslo (Norway) in 2016 is the next volatile band you’re going to fall in love with at instance! The band's line-up includes vocalist and guitarist , Amir Yaakoubd , vocalist and bass player, Henric Lundgren, and lastly, drummer and percussionist, Jens Loqvist. Formed with the intention of creating an explosive and "in your face" fuzzy lo-fi sound, Law of All have developed a style of thunderous riff-oriented, heavy rock music. Their sound has since evolved to incorporate variety of different styles and genres including Stoner Rock, Blues Rock, Prog Rock, Garage, Noise Rock and many more... This would be due to the diversity of each member’s musical background which they have early on chosen to embrace rather than to just stick to one genre. Their impeccable riffs have often been described as “dark and heavy, but also “groovy”.

The band recently released their single “Mare” which proved to be an example of this authentic flammable tune fused together in 5 minutes and thirty seconds. "Mare" had this intricate soulful rock flare to it, the most appealing factor of it all. If it isn’t the hardcore Rock n Roll electric guitars or their gritty and downright dirty vocal resonance, it’s the witty and catchy lyricism coming together as an entire hit. They leave breaks in the song for them to just go crazy with their brashful instruments. All you classic Rock n Roll lovers who are fending for a timeless rock single where nothing feels fabricated and everything seems to be more raw and authentic then you're going to thoroughly enjoy this band.

Listen to "Mare" here and get to know Law Of All in our interview below!

How did you guys meet exactly? When did the idea of a band come into play?

Amir posted an ad about forming a rock band playing heavy and "in your face" music on a website for musicians. Henric and Jens would soon after discover it through a google search because they were also on the lookout for a band with the same vision.

How challenging was it to work together in the beginning of your career compared to now?

We've had a few difficulties during our first year. We were originally thinking of being a 4-piece band and went through 4 different bass players. However, after that we tried being 2 guitarists and 1 drummer but Henric eventually took up the bass since we felt that our sound needed more low end. Being only 3 now makes it easier for us to work together and we feel that our sound is heavier now than before.

You combine many different genres in your music - who are some are your biggest music influences as a band?

The bands we all listen to are Death From Above 1979, Queens of the Stoneage, Royal Blood and Rage Against the Machine among others. However, we all have different musical backgrounds. Henric is a skate punk guy, Jens is a black metal fan and Amir has a more bluesy background.

What is the meaning and inspiration behind your new song "Mare"?

The song's lyrics are inspired from Amir's sleep paralysis episodes where he would wake up at night, feeling choked by beings often described as "shadow people".

What’s the big plan for 2019 for you guys?

More concerts and more studio sessions. We are already planning on releasing 3 to 4 new songs in the near future.

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