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Lawrence D. Unravels His Heart in Intimate Single, "CKLY" (Can't Keep Loving You)

Alternative/Pop artist Lawrence D. has released his highly anticipated second single, "CKLY" (Can't Keep Loving You).

The single comes with some roar after his first release, "This Feeling," which saw a spunky and fresh side of Lawrence D. Now, with his second release, listeners receive a more vulnerable and in-tune side of Lawrence D., which gives listeners the chance to understand this heartfelt artist in another light.

"CKLY" begins with a deep, almost sensual-like tone. Lawrence D. harmonizes his vocals in a way that blends into that buzzing energy, and he keeps that consistent throughout the majority of the track. There's a real sense of heart with Lawrence D. in "CKLY," and we quickly begin to learn that the depth he has artistically is extremely varied. He's the kind of artist that takes the time to hone into intimate parts of himself as an individual, and "CKLY" is a further reflection of that.

One pivotal moment to Lawrence D.'s versatility was portrayed through the last third of "CKLY," where he envelopes himself in a more adventurous style by playing around with his vocal intensity. The production naturally follows at this point, and the burst of electricity that gets emulated is easily seethed into the bones of any listener.

"CKLY" proves that Lawrence D. knows how to construct an infectious pop song that is filled with personal anecdotes of love or lack thereof. Listen to "CKLY," available on streaming platforms now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lawrence D. Congratulations on your second release! How did the writing and recording process of "CKLY" compare to that of "This Feeling" for you?

The process for CKLY was very vulnerable compared to “This Feeling”. My amazing songwriting wife, Jazmine Fripp wrote the song years before and introduced it to me during my time in my hometown Nashville, TN. I am a big fan of ballad music. It's the most beautiful piece of music ever. So, when I heard the song I had to jump on it and record it immediately with my producer Nicolas Lizcano-Knittle and with the greatest pianist I know Rashad Sylvester. I also wanted to follow up with a powerful song after the cover release of “Lovely” by Khalid and Billie Eilish with Eversol. “This Feeling” provided a more fun side of me while “CKLY’ (Can’t Keep Loving You) gives more of an inside of internal doubt and emotional warfare that matched with what I went through in the past when I heard it. I know that it will resonate with other people when they hear it as well. "CKLY" allowed listeners to see a different, more intimate side of you as an artist. How did you feel upon opening yourself more in your music and telling your truth in a more elaborate way?

To tell you the truth I was terrified to release this song. It's always a scary moment when you do a song that’s very vulnerable, very open and I literally have my heart on the sleeve to the world, but I don’t regret it. I think it allows me to grow as an artist and also as a person. I’ve realized that my past does not define me and I choose what my path and destiny are, but I also learned to allow myself to be human and to have grace when I make mistakes. I'm a person that is overanalytical and I'm a perfectionist at heart and I forget sometimes to feel. There is a shade of gray in the middle. This song and how it's made reminds me of that. Can you dive deeper into the inspiration behind this song, and how it felt to construct a single based on such inspiration?

The inspiration was actually remembering the toxic and crazy relationships we’ve all been in. Like I said before we are all human and we triumph, fall, get it right the first time or we don’t get it right at all. That’s the story that I wanted to tell. When we were recording it and adding some structure I felt more of a release actually. Like I’ve been carrying all of these buried emotions deep inside and now it's a pressure that’s not here anymore. More of great relief and I hope everyone feels the same. What's the next vision for you artistically, Lawrence D.?

What’s next for me is continuing this path and doing what I love and not stopping for anyone. Just stay tuned and follow my journey. I’ll be dropping more singles and content in the future but for now, go stream “CKLY” on Spotify!

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