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Lazy Daze Channels the West Coast In New Music Video, "Killing Me"

From Cincinnati to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter and producer Lazy Daze drops his vibrant and stimulating single with his latest release, "Killing Me."

Zach Miller, a.k.a. Lazy Daze, fled to Los Angeles three years ago to build a name and career for himself. His passion for music and songwriting helped him build a catalog of unique and original songs. Striving to make people's days better with his summer sounds, Lazy Daze also wants to create space for more Asian-American artists in the indie music scene.

Now releasing his hazy and romantic single, "Killing Me," Lazy Daze wears his heart on his sleeve while drifting us into a daydream with his soothing and savory performance. We adore the song's dreamy and atmospheric feel, as it allows us to focus on Lazy Daze's passionate lyrical content while tapping our feet to the song's groovy and lighthearted beat.

Jumping into the single, "Killing Me," the track takes off with a wavy and lush alternative instrumental through upbeat drum arrangements, dizzying electric guitars, and thumping bass licks. As Lazy Daze makes his soothing and breathy vocal appearance, he begins to passionately expand on someone who's caught his eye with their otherwordly beauty and grace.

Drifting through this West Coast-inspired tune, Lazy Daze continues to shake our speakers with his dense bass riffs alongside his bright electric guitars and passionate performance. We love Lazy Daze's ability to place us in the heart of such romantic and passionate scenes with his descriptive lyrical content, as he grooves his way to the song's end without a dull moment in sight.

Submerge yourself into the passionate depths of Lazy Daze's latest single, "Killing Me," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Lazy Daze. What an exciting and groovy sonic adventure you've taken us on with your recent hit, "Killing Me." What inspired your passionate and romantic lyrical content in this piece?

Glad you guys are enjoying the tunes! So I wrote the song a few months after I moved to LA from Cincinnati. And a few months before I moved to LA I met a girl that I started to develop feelings for. It really sucked knowing that I was going to be moving and wouldn’t be able to see her. Once I actually moved and stopped talking to her it really killed me (pun intended) that I couldn’t see her as much as I would want to. I wrote this song just to express those feelings that I had at the time. My inspiration for the lyrics was based loosely on the first night that we met and also how much it sucked not being able to see her after I moved.

What was your creative process like when formulating the hazy and dreamy instrumentals for "Killing Me?" How did you begin laying down your foundation and working up from there?

I always start with the rhythm guitar and drums. With the rhythm guitar I always just play around with chord progressions and see what chords I'm feeling at that moment. Then I’ll figure out a tempo (usually up-tempo cause that’s what I like) and work on a drum beat that obviously goes along with the rhythm guitar. Once I get that done then I’ll lay down a bass line. I always like having melodic bass lines but for “Killing Me” I kinda just went with a more simple and traditional bass line for the verses. But the bass line during the chorus is so fun to play and is one of my favorite bass lines that I’ve made so far. I was just trying to go for an overall fun and chill vibe, and I think I was able to fully accomplish that once I added the falsetto background vocals and lead guitar parts. I just had a really fun time making this and I think you can hear that in the music. There's nothing more rewarding than hearing a song you made that you really love, and that's why I get so happy whenever I listen to "Killing Me."

What sort of listening experience did you want to offer listeners with your latest single, "Killing Me?"

The kinda experience that I want people to have while listening to LazyDaze is chill, euphoric, and nostalgic sonic adventure. I hope I can make them feel a vibe with my instrumentation. I always love upbeat and happy-sounding songs so that’s what I tend to write. With my lyrics, I hope that people can relate. I write a lot of love songs because falling in love, for better or for worse, is something everyone goes through, so writing songs about all of the emotions that come with that is something I enjoy, and overall I just wanted to write something that everyone could relate to.

We've noticed that you also dropped a music video for "Killing Me." How does the music video enhance the song's passionate lyrical theme?

For the video, I just wanted to have visuals that would add to the overall vibe of the song, and I'm really happy with how the shoot turned out. I was able to get my friend Steph to be in the video, and we just spent a couple of days surfing and chilling with homies on the beach. Obviously, the song is about a guy falling in love with a girl he can't be with, and we thought about making the video more narrative-based, but in the end, we thought it'd be best just to have something simple that would be fun to watch/be a part of. My manager Jack had his friend Nic shoot the video because we wanted it to look like those vintage skate/surf videos that were big in the '90s, and Nic is a skater who really appreciates and knows that aesthetic and I think that's clear with how well the video turned out.

What's next for you?

Planning on another set of visuals for a track off of my ep "Pitted" that I released in July, and then it's back to dropping more music! I have a ton of songs that I’m just sitting on right now and I think people are really going to love them. Stay tuned!


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