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Leading the "Pack," Dvme the Artist Makes Ripples With His Sound

R&B vocalist and songwriter Dvme the Artist hails from Detroit, Michigan with his well-rounded style of artistry. Being a recording artist and natural-born performer, he’s been heavily influenced to pursue music all his life.

Dvme the Artist’s sound is heavily influenced by R&B/Soul, as he adds in a pinch of Pop to showcase his skill set as a vocal beast with a work ethic that screams determination and passion.

Wrapping us in a frenzy of creative melodies, the most recent single, “Pack,” comes from Dvme the Artist’s music catalog as a statement piece. Embodying the signature ambiance that he notably carries forth in every arrangement he offers to his audience, there’s an almost ethereal appeal that has “Pack,” standing out from other songs in this realm.

With luscious instrumentation that dips in and out of the prominence in which we notice it, there’s a surreal blend of opulent guitar riffs and timely percussion that makes up the enticing essence of this musical foundation. Introducing listeners to a therapeutic tone in which he performs, the energy that peaks from Dvme the Artist’s soothing croons remain on a level that has him breaking new grounds.

There’s a poetic charm to the lyricism that he douses us in when lyrical motifs such as, ‘Can’t pretend for too long, I’m not stupid. Open up and tell me what your truth is,’ infiltrate our mind in such a relevant manner. Leaving his mark on the music industry with each tantalizing universe we delve into, Dvme the Artist expands his mindset in a vulnerable way that has his fan base drawn directly towards him.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Dvme, and a huge congratulations on the brilliantly crafted single, “Pack.” With such deep lyricism explored, was there a particular moment or story that inspired the narrative we hear? Yes, in a past relationship, I moved in with my S.O. pretty early and kinda against my own judgment. We had many issues and I knew this but I thought moving in with this person would solidify my spot as “bae”. I learned quickly that was not the case and I remember after every fight, I would pack my things up and leave, he hated that, and I just wanted to give him the idea that if you keep fucking up I’m packing and leaving. Safe to say I finally packed my stuff and left after many attempts. With artists everywhere taking extra care into their craft, at what point did you know that this song was ready to be released? With everything that went on between the end of 2019 and 2020, from COVID, me finishing school and getting out of a really stressful relationship with the person it's about. I wrote this song with my friend De’Mi just writing about my new experience in a relationship that I’m just not feeling but I’m kinda confused about what to do. I just had to get my feelings out. I wrote it as therapy and decided not to even release it until at least a year later when I finally made the decision to leave my ex. I never wanted to release it because being mad at your S.O. is normal and venting is normal and I took this song as just a vent session and once I finally left the relationship, I was left with a lot of pain and needed to get that out. "Pack" was one of the special ones due to how much emotion I put into it and how personal it is. This was the start of me projecting myself through my music and being more transparent about what I’ve been through and experienced. Compared to the previously released single ‘Playing Games,’ how would you say that “Pack” is similar and different? "Pack" and "Playing Games" are very similar. They’re both about the same person and I think I wrote them around the same time. 'Playing Games' was me being cheated on and staying then "Pack" was me realizing I can’t leave cause I’m in love and I just want you to act right. Also, 'Playing Games' was another one of those songs that were just like me venting. The only real difference is that 'Playing Games' is a remix from the original 'Playing Games' by the talented Summer Walker. I love her by the way, can’t wait for the new music.

As an LGBTQ+ artist that is dominating the industry, what words of advice do you have to give any other individuals looking to follow in your footsteps? To other artists apart of the LGBTQ+ community, I would advise them to not be afraid to tell their story, their way and live out loud. When I write I write with my story in mind and how what I’ve been through affected me, I don’t write to appeal to societal norms or what’s comfortable for people. I learned that a lot of my straight friends rock with my music just off the fact that it’s good. The world is changing and a lot of LGBTQ+ artists are being brought up to the forefront and being recognized for their contribution to the music industry. I say speak your truth in your music and you’ll feel comfortable in what you do. Not gonna lie I experienced a lot of doubt, even though I was open about my sexuality, pertaining to what I wrote and how I wrote it and whether it has to be relatable but I felt a disconnect with it when I did and that made me not want to do music and that was the worst feeling. So stay connected and don’t be afraid to be true to your art and expressive. What's next for you? Next, for me, I’m constantly writing and looking for new ways to elevate my music career. My project 'Thank You For The Pain' the EP is here and I’m excited about that and I’m working on my first music video for “Pack” and I have another surprise before I end the 'Thank You For The Pain' era and move on to a new era that’s more focused on who I am and give people a more in-depth look of who “Dvme The Artist” is beyond the studio and stage.


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