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Learn the Authentic Reality of The Real Corey J.

CEO of Label GAWD Entertainment LLC, and a rapper/songwriter, The Real Corey J. was born and raised in Riviera Beach, Palm Beach County Florida.

Always being an avid lover of music, he began writing raps in middle school at the age of 13 years old. When the route of school and sports didn’t take him as far as he expected, it seemed that music would be his destiny. Through time, perseverance, and patience, The Real Corey J. has been shaping up to be a force to reckon with in the Florida Hip Hop music scene.

Taking in his most recent 10 track album, “Real Deal: True Story Pt.2,” The Real Corey J. can be heard following up the 2018 body of work titled, ‘Real Deal: True Story.’ Looking to immerse his audience in the mesmerizing way he gets his point across, The Real Corey J. prides himself on the authenticity that he allows to shine through this soundscape as he brings a refreshing take to the new wave of Hip-hop.

Accompanying the buoyant persona of The Real Corey J., we have him touring us through personal reflections of the life he lives. He kicks off the album with “Seen It All. II,” as he gives us a gritty and raw delivery through energetic cadences that propel his maturity and seasoned flair in the industry. Carrying a true Florida essence to the music he casts out, you can hear his lived experiences passionately pouring through rhythmic instrumentation.

We admire the attention to detail that is placed throughout this album, as no two songs carry out the exact same sound. Although some may fall into a similar scheme, which makes an album a beautifully flowing piece of art, the specific beat structures that The Real Corey J. exudes his talents over have us becoming familiar with the vast array of mid to upbeat tempos that strikingly fit his intentions for each song performed. “Make A Play,” has us effortlessly flowing to the almost mainstream style of Hip-hop that showcases his versatility in a way that screams, ‘he can do it all.’ It’s that innovative moment on the album where you hear his evolution as an artist and individual.

Knowing what it takes to make a certified hit, not all of the tracks heard follow the

mainstream appeal as what The Real Corey J. is looking to get across is his reality. Records such as, “Blue Faces,” and “Busy Body,” are direct and blatant with the braggadocious lyrics and impeccably timed adlibs etched into the soundscape. You hear The Real Corey J. hone in on his work ethic and state of mind as he navigates through the carefully curated avenues he has solidified for himself while bringing his fan base something new and exciting each time.

Fixating upon the melodic dips through a multi-dimensional skill set, “Changed Me,” brings out his talents as more than just an emcee on the ride. The Real Corey J. seamlessly provides listeners with a buoyant punch through the words he charismatically takes us through. In a parallel empire, but still switching it up enough to have us fully engaged, “I Might,” flows into a laidback tonal distinction that entrances us with mind-altering waves of ease, while, “What You Need,” has a nostalgic feel to the instrumentation as the elements contained mirror an 80’s style instrumentation and an early 2000’s beat structure. All components deliver that harmonious twist that reflects his musical inspirations of J.Cole, Ice “Billion” Berg, Plies, Rick Ross, Triple J, Lil Wayne, and Boosie.

If we’re branching off into that album single that has us submerged in the depths of the composition, “On Gawd,” has us weaved into the compelling nature of the chorus that draws us into its gravitational pull. Transitioning us through impeccably timed verses, and the effortless sway into the hook, we’re eager to learn every word so we can perform it right back to The Real Corey J.

Each song provides its own escape into his understanding of how his life is panning out with a pure focus on relating to those who are in the same shoes as him. “Mask Up,” and “Grimey,” are prime examples of how his lyricism dips into the vulnerable sector of his artistry while maintaining the integrity of “Real Deal: True Story Pt.2.” Delving into narratives that profoundly enlighten his audience on what it’s like coming up in the streets and projects. As he genuinely illuminates the trials and tribulations endured, we hear the pain in his voice as he outlines the things you have to do in the fight for survival. The Real Corey J.’s lyrical motifs rest on our minds in a way that stirs up a feeling of gratitude for what we have while respecting the true hustle that he has preserved through as he continues to establish his name.

Take in “Real Deal: True Story Pt.2,” to learn more about the come-up of The Real Corey J., and to immerse yourself in an inspiring tale that continues to give back.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Real Corey J., and congratulations on the release of your album, “Real Deal: True Story Pt.2.” You were able to get vulnerable, playful, and intense all in one project, which is truly remarkable! Was this always your vision for this piece of work?

Thank you I appreciate the opportunity to be on BuzzMusic and talk to you all today about my latest project. And Thank You again I’m glad the album was received to be remarkable. To be real though this album came with lots of emotion and basically the inner tales of the things I’ve seen over the course of my life and now I just seem to put it all together in Story form which was something I had in mind to do but I didn’t think it would come to be as powerful as it is. I’m a libra so we tend to get full of emotion and go to expressing it all someway creatively and the next thing you know you have an album like this at your disposal.

Being the follow-up to the 2018 ‘Real Deal: True Story,’ what are some similarities and differences that you noticed through the process of each?

The similarities of the two tapes were that I solely used myself and others life experience to influence the way I delivered my message to my audience, speaking on things that normally don’t catch the topic of discussion in today’s time but still needs to be talked about. My music is just my time stamp in history because I can listen to my old music and it takes me back to a place where I used to be and it goes to show just how far I’ve really come and how far I still have to go. The only difference between the two projects is I’ve sonically grown into a more solid lyricist and more Confident Artist but my Ground basis of “Keep The Grind Alive” is something I will forever stand on and that’s how I will continue to grow as an Artist/ Brand and hopefully continue to make music that the people will effectively grab hold and listen to for years to come.

Out of the ten tracks offered to us, do you happen to have one that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

Aw man that’s a hard one don’t do me like that! I’m so much of a strong and picky artist that of the 10 songs it’s extremely hard to choose which one resonates the most because each song was tied into a different feeling and situation I happen to be going through at the time, But if I had to choose ONE Then I would go with “Mask Up” which was the First song I recorded for the album back in early 2019 at LCP studios in Port Saint Lucie Florida, the day I recorded that song I knew it would be a crucial song for me moving forward because that track is about as real as it gets, it explains the life, the rise, and fall of most men in black communities between ages 18-25 trying to chase a dollar and we would “mask up” to do anything for that dollar, then it ultimately turns around & hurts us in the long run so it was a song for me but it was more so a song for the streets to get acquainted with, and once Covid hit as of 2020 “Mask Up” became Mandatory so then it all made sense ya know.

Where was your mindset when creating this album? Is it different from where your mindset currently is?

My mindset through the course of this album was all but focused like I got the job done BUT it took me basically 2 years to create those 10 songs because of what was going on in my life, having to work jobs, losing jobs, being a provider to raise my daughters effectively, balancing a relationship that wasn’t doing all that well, family issues, etc the list goes on and while all still trying to build myself into this world-renowned rap artist that nobody has heard of lol so basically success was starting to feel out of reach and I had to make sure that didn’t happen so no matter what I knew I always had to come back to the music. My current mindset is more focused and I can tackle clear objectives now on how to expand my reach and create more compelling music which is my ultimate goal for my career.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from this masterpiece?

I am praying that whoever plays this album in its entirety from song 1-10, from beginning to the end which I’m more than positive at least 3 of those songs will speak directly to you in some way shape or form, and hopefully, you can take that and understand that this thing we call “Life” that we are forced to get up every day and live is something you will NEVER CONTROL, GOD is in control, and you won’t comprehend everything that God does in your life and things will happen outside of your means, but there will ALWAYS be a story to tell, if you have a dream then chase it, if you have a goal to reach then reach it, the time has come for you to break through all your fears and Go for it, I mean honestly “What else do you have to lose?”

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