Learn the Rules of the Pandemic With Jforte’s “Pymo"

Hailing us back again is the Paradise Valley-based Hip-Hop artist Jforte. Since his last release with us “Dsms”, and a 6 track EP that has gained over 500K streams in less than 3 months Jforte is back to tell us another personal message, this one is pandemic edition. Jforte just released his record “Pymo” and it perfectly encompasses the current global situation. “Pymo” is Jforte’s message to us all about what to do, being the abbreviation for “put yuh mask on”, Jforte is out there trying to do his part to help educate people while doing it in his usual catchy, motivational, and hype-y fashion. Opening up with mysterious bells and a mini monologue about Jforte about the rules being specific, “Pymo” then transitions into an interestingly driving but motivational verse where Jforte then tells us about what we should be doing.

With lyrics like "put yuh mask on, put yuh gloves on scrub the floor, scrub the floor”, Jforte was not shy at all on trying to get his message across and we were completely thrilled about it. What helps this message get across is Jforte’s cleverly written lyrics that are incredibly memorable, after the first chorus you’ll find yourself singing along to Jforte’s message. “Pymo” has a bit of that anthemic vibe to it and we think that this is a tune that will motivate you to do better.  You can listen to “Pymo” here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Jforte! We’re loving the motivational message you gave in “Pymo”, what was it like to come up with the concept for this one? Did you start off with a rhythm? Melody? How did this tune come to life? 1st off, I feel that Covid-19 has created my 6th-grade teacher Ms. Kossaras's dream, a world where people wear a mask, wash their hands after every hour, and get put in jail for coughing on people. I made a song to empower people to do that during Quarantine. I want this song to be played at Covid-19 discos where people dance in their kitchens while watching other friends dance on their laptops and when we can all get together participate in it like the cha-cha slide.  The instrumental aspect of “Pymo” is full of character, almost as if it was another performer. Could you talk to us about what the process was like for creating and choosing each part that we hear? It's been a pleasant experience! Some nights I can't sleep because I feel like a kid during Christmas. I really love that my music is being listened to and people are enjoying it. I'm committed to launching new music every week for as long as I possibly can! This release is quite the change of pace from your last release with us “Dsms”, how do you feel you have grown as an artist since then? Do you have any future aspirations that you are striving to achieve with upcoming releases? What are the plans you have in place to help you achieve those goals? The pandemic has created an overflow of opportunity. It has allowed me to focus on my music and push content! I am grateful for a pandemic, it has taught me that even in the midst of difficulty, pursuing my dreams is possible! Now with this release being out, how do you hope the audience will react from it? Who is your target demographic with “Pymo”? Does this target shift with every one of your releases? My name is Jesse and I am an authentic, powerful, vulnerable, and loving black man! I make music that inspires, empowers, and touches your heart, mind, and soul. My vision is to speak to 6 billion + people through my music. It's to connect with those same people from around the world and inspire each person to live their dreams and contribute to society. I am in music because nothing really gets me like making it, performing, creating, and do it. I draw my inspiration for music from the truth, artists like Logic, J-Cole, Nas, Tupac, Joyner Lucas, Redman, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I. 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and the greats!