Learning More About Baywud and His Newest Single “Hold on to Me”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, BAYWUD! We’re moved by your ability to channel raw emotions through heartfelt music and lyrics. Could you share with us what your creative process was like when writing your single “Hold on To Me”?  Thank you. For this particular song, the whole experience was very special to me.   I wanted to create a message that was not only hopeful but also uplifting and relatable to everyone.  When doing a co-write, as the artist, I generally like to come up with a concept before showing up to a session.  So, for ‘Hold On To Me’ I came in with a verse and chorus on the piano.  Being that Rune is such a phenomenal guitarist, we decided to go with the guitar as the main instrument. Then all the pieces just sort of came together beautifully.  You’ve mentioned that “Hold on To Me” drew inspiration from a friend of yours who recently lost their mother. What made BAYWUD want to create a piece of music that not only serves hope but serves a sense of belonging as well? Watching someone you love and care about go through any kind of pain is always difficult.  That feeling that we’ve all had, where we’re just surrounded by darkness, and we don’t think we’ll ever find our light again.  It’s one of the worst feelings in the world.  And to witness someone in that state…it’s almost like a piece of your own heart is breaking with theirs.  The idea was to create a sense of hope and togetherness.  I wanted to write a song that says, it’s okay to feel sad.  We’re human.  Feel all the feelings.  Take your time.  But know that I’m here for you always.  It’s just too hard to go through the challenges of life without the support and love of your friends and family, or even strangers for that matter. We all need each other! Your single “Hold on To Me” is said to be a co-write between you and Rune Westberg. Could you share your favorite part of co-writing with other artists/producers? What do you take away from the process? I think every experience is different.  I’m lucky I’ve recently been able to work with some insanely talented writers, and producers.  The whole co-writing process is special to me. I do think it’s better to collaborate with other songwriters because, for me at least, it gets me out of my head.  I appreciate having another writer in the room to bounce ideas with.  Rune, in particular, is very easy to work with.

We’ve heard that you’re trained as a classical musician and singer! Even though your sound isn’t necessarily “classical’, how do you think this training has helped your independent music flourish?  I think being trained as a classical singer has helped for sure.  My voice has changed over the years and I do think that being trained as a classical vocalist has made things easier.  You have to have a perfect pitch and perfect tone. You learn dynamics and timing and you really have to listen to all the moving parts. This is important in any vocal training. I think there’s just a different expectation for classical singers when it comes to these elements. I feel, overall, it has made me a better singer.   What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? A lot, I hope.  HaHa.  I have an EP coming out in late summer. I’m very proud of it and I look forward to sharing with everyone.  And we’ll just see what the rest of the year brings. I’m continuing to write. The current events have made it a little difficult to plan ahead. Once things go back to normal, I will be shooting music videos and getting back to the recording studio.

Check out "Hold on To Me" here.