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Leave It All in "The 6," With RecoBandz

Back and better than ever, RecoBandz is pulling through with his latest single, “The 6.”

Tapping into his creativity in a whole new light, this track can be found on his recently released 16 track album, ‘Writing On The Wall.’ To him, this new piece of music is a groundbreaking example of the sheer amount of imagination and focus that goes into his music and allows him to exude a drive that shows no signs of letting up.

With heavy-hitting energy that seamlessly pours from the powerful, yet laidback structure of instrumentation, we’re exposed to the steering sounds of 808’s and a weighty low end to have you feeling this record in your chest.

Playing upon his musical influences of JUICE WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, and Future, you hear how RecoBandz approaches his artistic versatility in a way that encompasses influence from these notable names, all while solidifying a lane of his own in the genre. Flexing his lyrical dexterity by the use of his carefree swagger, there’s effortless agility that has RecoBandz floating through “The 6,” with slick cadences, and memorable rhyme schemes.

Known to smudge the borders of any genre-defining boxes, the braggadocious hues that are breezily offered up have us thriving in the various dimensions of this soundscape. Providing the entire track with an infectious vigor that you can’t deny, there’s a snowball effect of amplified liveliness that takes you until the final moments of “The 6.”

RecoBandz makes it so you want to run the trackback, and immerse yourself in the liberated persona that he unapologetically brings forth. Living out his best life, RecoBandz has us swimming the depths of everything he has to offer as an artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RecoBandz, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “The 6.” We love the way you navigate through various peaks of your energy in this song. What inspired the energy brought, and the lyrics that we take in on this song?

Writing on the wall inspired “the 6.” It was the sixth song that I recorded in the studio. The lyrics came from the lifestyle I had when I lived in my childhood neighborhood.

What is the concept behind your album ‘Writing On The Wall?' How does “The 6,” fit into this theme?

The concept of writing on the wall serves a larger purpose than some may think. Comes from experiences, seeing things through my childhood, and working as hard as I did when I was just a child. Writing on the wall tells a story. Something like a musical storybook. “The 6” fits into the theme of writing on the wall because it describes the neighborhood I grew up in. 68th Quimby in Cleveland, Ohio near 70th in Hough.

In terms of the creative process that you typically embark on when creating music, did you find that “The 6,” fit into that organic flow? Could you please shine a glimpse of what this process entails?

I used the common creative process method. I prepared the album by coming up with the identity of the project. (Album name) Also, I try thinking of how many tracks the album should have. I rarely listen to other artists, I listen to my own music so that I know what to talk about so it won’t be repetitive.

What is the main message that you’re hoping to get across with the music that you create?

The main message I’m hoping to get across is hard work pays off if you stick to what you love! “Staying in tune with your star player” To know me is to love me. Been doing music since I was 6. Talent shows, freestyling for family, and doing small music videos with friends from the neighborhood.


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