Lena Elizabeth Will Steal Your Heart With Her Single "Nobody Wants You"

Lena Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter based in Minneapolis Minnesota, writing songs influenced by folk storytelling with a voice rooted in the blues. The youngest in a household full of musicians, she succeeds in blending old and new influences to create a Pop/Roots sound approachable across generations.

She released her single “Nobody Wants You” a song that talks about minding your business and staying in your own lane without interfering with somebody else’s personal space or it can be metaphorically interpreted as a song that touches base on judgment from others! Why judge somebody when you can just again; mind your business? She drives the lyrical connotation forward with her soulful raspy voice and edgy country-rock sound with a sprinkle of blues. With regard to the different approach to her lyricism, “Nobody Wants You” is a devious multi-faceted song that can be digestible for any mood and fit any plethora of lyrical portrayal of your choice! Giving her fans that creativity to explore the song a little more and of course enjoying it.

You can check out her new single alongside her other work of music here.

Lena Elizabeth will be releasing her first full length album, “Get It Right”, on November 29th, 2018. After the successful release of her debut EP, “The Line”, Lena has taken her music to a new level with this record. “Get It Right” is a story about self acceptance, anxiety, anger, relationships (good and bad) and through it all finding home. Through this journey you will hear the same strong voice of Lena Elizabeth with even more confidence and attitude than before.

How has growing up in Minnesota impact your artistry and music?

Living in Minnesota is not always easy. I think the long cold winters inspired me to stay inside and fully submerge myself in my music. The change of the seasons always seems to play into the themes and changes in my own life and has definitely influenced my lyrics and music. Along with the music scene here in the Twin Cities which has always been hugely inspiring. Their are so many amazing singer songwriters and musicians in this town that constantly impacts my own artistry and music, inspiring me to keep writing and pursuing my passion.

How excited are you for the release of your album “Get It Right”?

I can’t tell you how excited and scared I am to release this album. This project, “Get It Right” scares me because it leaves me feeling totally exposed and vulnerable. That’s also why I’m so excited about it. It’s me. In this album I’m letting it all hang out. All the pain, and self doubt. All the fear, anxiety and anger. All the joy, grief and all the love. I feel like this album embodies who I am as an artist. I am very excited to release it on November 29th, 2018!

What can we expect from this album?

“Get It Right” is a story about self acceptance, anxiety, anger, relationships (good and bad) and through it all finding home. You can expect powerful female vocals, upbeat and laid back grooves, rock’n’roll anthems, honest and bold lyrics, beautiful complex harmonies, tasty guitar licks, playful bass lines, and a lot of raw emotion. 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating this project and why?

Letting go of my own self doubt and trusting that I was going to “Get It Right”. That I would be able to fully represent myself and my songs and bring them to their full potential. It really helps that I have an amazing support system and band that helped me and encouraged me throughout the process. 

“Nobody Wants You” can go any way with lyrical interpretation! However, how would you give your artist inference on the single?

“Nobody Wants You” is a song inspired by my experiences as a woman in our society. It addresses cat calling, unwanted sexual advances, assault, and generally feeling unsafe. This song was inspired by the anger I felt in those situations. The chorus is exactly what I wanted to say to those people in those moments. I hope that the emotion in this song resonates with listeners who have experienced similar situations. 

Connect with Lena Elizabeth on social media:

www.lenaelizabeth.com www.instagram.com/lenaelizabethmusic www.facebook.com/lenaelizabeth.b