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Lend a Helping Hand to Meghan Pulles and the Creation of Her Debut Album

The NYC-based emo-positive artist and singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles reaches out to fans in hopes of aiding in the creation of her debut album with help from her recent crowdfunding campaign.

While Meghan Pulles continues to create music that touches on the cathartic journey of mental and emotional healing/wellness, she's eager to begin recording her forthcoming debut album, which is anticipated to cover the same introspective concepts.

Also mentioning that the album covers themes of healing through abuse and trauma, it goes without saying that audiences anywhere could use a thoughtful and needed project like this. That being said, Meghan Pulles is reaching out to fans and listeners to be a part of her journey with this album through donations to help bring the project into existence.

Independent acts everywhere are more than aware of the expensive cost it takes to create a 13-track album like Meghan Pulles', which is why she promises to shine a light on needed and necessary lyrical topics to return the favor.

With help from donations or simply word of mouth, Meghan Pulles will be able to create her debut album and introduce her music to vast audiences that long for an artist to touch on the necessary topics of mental and emotional wellness.

To contribute to Meghan Pulles' musical journey here.



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