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Lend A Helping Hand With Sam Paige & Cory Singer In "I'll Be Love"

Social media/TikTok sensation and recording artist Cory Singer teams up with the expressive vocal stylings of Sam Paige for their recent passionate and uplifting single, "I'll Be Love."

You might know the autism advocate Cory Singer from his TikTok page and his popular phrase, "Let's Normalize Autism." He strives to positively inspire his audience with his unique brand, music, and personal experience with autism.

On the other hand, Sam Paige has swept the industry after training with "The Voice" vocal coach Coreen Sheehan and performing for NBC with Corbin Bleu, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Carnegie Hall.

Now, the powerhouse artists are teaming up for one of the most feel-good singles we've heard this year. "I'll Be Love" is a radiant, passionate piece that sings an encouraging message of picking up your loved ones in a time of need, doing what you can to help them out, and remembering that love is the answer for everything.

Expanding on "I'll Be Love," the song gently opens with smooth electric guitar samples alongside Sam Paige's bright and fluid vocals. As she begins serenading us with the utmost heart and passion, Paige offers a helping hand and reminds us to lean on our loved ones when we're in need of a shoulder to cry on or even just a friend to hear us out.

As Cory Singer makes his way in, he adds a stunning back and forth while supporting Paige's centerstage vocals with his natural charm and energetic performance. There's tons of emotion in this piece, and it's truly a chilling experience that helps us see the importance of supporting those who mean the most to us.

Let Sam Paige and Cory Singer remind you to make that phone call, reach out to that person, and make your support known with their latest single, "I'll Be Love," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Cory Singer. We honestly appreciate the uplifting and welcoming experience within your new single with Sam Paige, "I'll Be Love." What inspired you to write a song about reaching out to your loved ones in need?

Sam Paige and I are so happy to be working with BuzzMusic! “I’ll Be Love” was actually written by Nashville-based singer/songwriter J4 (Joseph Wandass) and pitched to Sam Paige.

How did the collaboration between you and Sam Paige go down for "I'll Be Love"? Who reached out to who, and was this your first time working together?

After this song was pitched to Sam, she reached out to me and asked to collaborate! We work under the same label, and I was extremely excited to work with her for the first time! I put together the vocal arrangements, and we recorded with Jerry Ramos at Mercury Recording Studio in New Jersey. It was a blast!

Would you say inspirational songs like "I'll Be Love" is a common theme within your music? Do you usually write songs in hopes of leaving listeners motivated and feeling better than before?

Speaking on behalf of Sam and I, 100% yes! This was the main reason I was so excited when she asked me to collaborate. We both strive to put out music that people feel inspired and moved listening to.

What do you hope listeners take away from "I'll Be Love"? What do you want them to pick up on for themselves?

Our hope is for listeners to be reminded of the people in their own personal life that serve as “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Overall, to feel a sense of love from individuals in your life when you least expect it and that you’re never alone.

What's next for you?

Sam and I are working on creating a music video for this song, which we are very excited about! In addition, I am dropping a lot of music coming up, including “Chance of a Lifetime (The Proposal)” on July 8th. Sam Paige is also planning to release new music as well in the latter half of 2022!


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