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Lenny J Lennox Captivates With Lead Single "Believe" From Latest Album

Rising indie rock sensation Lenny J Lennox is turning up the heat with his lead single "Believe" from his recently released 11-track album, Deception of The Lies of Truth.

Praised for his poetic approach to songwriting and heartfelt performances, Lennox has been captivating audiences since his early days in church choirs and local venues. His musical journey has taken him from performing for thousands at Scunthorpe's Baths Hall to honing his craft in Greece and Majorca.

Lennox's latest album, released in March 2024, marks a new beginning for the resilient artist. It showcases his growth and unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling in music. And it starts with the empowering lead single "Believe."

This new song is the pick me up you need this afternoon. It kicks off with gleaming indie-rock instrumentals, loaded with glimmering guitars and heavy drums alongside Lennox's warm vocals singing a message of inspiration. It's a solid introduction to his signature sound, packed with intricate guitar melodies, driving percussion, and lyrics that strike a chord with listeners.

The raw emotion and honest delivery are a breath of fresh air, reminiscent of icons like Oasis, Johnny Cash, and Jim Morrison. As he continues chanting "Believe" and encouraging listeners to believe in themselves, he sends us to the outro with a smile and without a care in the world. If you're looking for a sweet sonic pick-me-up, look no further.

Experience the heartfelt indie rock sound of Lenny J Lennox's lead single "Believe" from his latest album, Deception of The Lies of Truth, now available on all digital streaming platforms.


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