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Lenox Hills Blast Our Speakers With Two Captivating Anthems

Hailing from Tennessee, the lively and rocking four-piece Lenox Hills release two powerhouse and thrilling singles entitled "Girls' Round Here" and "I Feel It Coming On."

With their raucous and dynamic demeanor, Lenox Hills has never failed to captivate an audience and leave them feeling exhilarated. The band is comprised of Luke Mullin on vocals/guitar, Packy Mullin on guitar, Kyle Swenson on drums, and Kameron Dunn on bass. Lenox Hills is constantly finding new ways to up their craft and form more cohesive and intricate creations.

More recently, Lenox Hills released two lively bangers to get us ready for the fall season, which for some reason, is also upbeat alt-rock season. In "Girls 'Round Here," the boys offer a passionate and foot-stomping tune that gives equal amounts of passion and energy. In "I Feel It Coming On," Lenox Hills takes on a more feel-good and optimistic tone that's bound to leave any listener mesmerized.

Taking a listen to "Girls 'Round Here," the track kicks off with a reverbed electric guitar that drops into Lenox Hills's upbeat and energetic performance. We get heavy surf-rock vibes from their lively and rich instrumentation, especially as they continue pouring their dense and irresistible melodies over our speakers. The band later transitions into an instrumental breakdown where vocalist Luke Mullin sings a story of endless devotion and loving someone until death does them part.

Hitting play on the next track, "I Feel It Coming On," Lenox Hills jump into more of a country-leaning introduction with a plucky acoustic guitar. As they head over to the first verse, the boys establish this anthemic and powerful feel that leaves us chanting their lyrics alongside vocalist Luke Mullin. We adore Swenson's dynamic drum breaks in this hit; paired with the Mullin brothers' flaming guitar riffs and Dunn's groovy bass licks, Lenox Hills offer one of the most engaging and thrilling listening experiences we've heard this year.

Experience alt-rock mastery with Lenox Hills' two beaming singles, "Girls 'Round Here" and "I Feel It Coming On," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lenox Hill, we're wildly impressed with your dense and energetic latest singles. What inspired the playful and passionate lyrical content behind "Girls 'Round Here?”

“Girls ‘Round Here” was loosely based on a past relationship of mine that never quite stood on solid ground. The song’s arrangement and lyrical content are constantly shifting up and down to kind of mimic the feeling of not knowing where you truly stand. It’s a somewhat personal song for me, so I felt it was important to capture each emotion I was feeling. This is why certain parts of the song are happy and hopeful, and others are desperate and confused.

What theme or concept did you want to get across with the thrilling single, "I Feel It Coming On?”

“I Feel It Coming On” was actually a joke song to be quite honest. It started with this funny country riff I wrote with Kyle (drummer), and it wasn’t until a few months later we really began turning it into a song. I think for me, it was always something I had fun playing, so I wanted the song to be fun lyrically as well. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of meeting someone and running away with them, so I tried to base the song on that concept. We really wanted the song to capture that feeling you get when you see someone for the first time who really catches your eye, and we feel the song does that pretty well.

Was your band's creative process the same when building both "Girls 'Round Here" and "I Feel It Coming On?” How did you go about creating these songs between the four of you?

I’d say the creative processes for the two songs were relatively similar. Both songs were written rather quickly in the spur of the moment, then broken down in pre-production and built back up in the studio. The songs really came together when our producer, Logan Matheny, got a hold of them and helped us clean them up. Lyrically, the hooks were there from the moment we struck the first chord, but the final lyrics to both songs were not finished until we worked out the final arrangement.

Are these two songs, "Girls 'Round Here" and "I Feel It Coming On," part of an upcoming project? How do these songs prepare us for what's to come in your future?

They are! Our new EP “Golden Town” will feature 5 songs and will be out on November 19th. I feel these songs are the perfect transition from what we’ve done in the past to what we’re doing now. This record is a huge step up for us in every way and we believe these two songs will make that clear right from the start.


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