Lesibu Grand Chills Us out With "MI Sueño"

Lesibu Grand hails from Atlanta, and a partnership between singer Tyler-Simone Molton and bassist John Renaud originally grew from songwriting together. The band aims to incorporate familiar elements within their sound, a modern-era comeback of soundings from Blondie, Talking Heads, or even the Pixies. Lesibu Grand distinctively fuses together refreshing contemporary stylings with an ethereal-like feel, which all brings forth a stimulating environment.

Lesibu Grand released single "Mi Sueño", which houses a sedative and sultry atmosphere for the majority of the song. The music video released alongside the single accurately expresses the feeling that the song gives us: peace, calamity, conciliation. We venture through Lesibu Grand's emotional and introspective journey throughout the video, which at some points takes listeners on a physical journey as well. Lesibu Grand knew how to express their sense of freedom within their music video for "Mi Sueño", and we felt comfortable and curious watching the storyline physically unfold in front of us as the music video continued. The rock band brings a resolute intent to their music, and "Mi Sueño" showcases this well.

Check out "Mi Sueño" by Lesibu Grand here