Lesibu Grand Opens up About Their New Single, "MI Sueño"

Welcome, Lesibu Grand! Listeners recently saw the release of "Mi Sueño", a song that expresses both the delicate and intense aspects of Lesibu Grand's sound. What would you say the ultimate goal of "Mi Sueño" was for the band?

Our goal with this song and video was to get people to let go of what they were doing for just a few minutes and consider the inner voices we have, and how they speak to us in various states of dreaming.  

What did the band want listeners to take away from listening to the song?

We hoped that they’d come to appreciate more fully the levels of awareness and consciousness we all have, both individually and collectively.

As a band that wants to extract pivotal elements from the NYC New Wave scene, what kind of perspective goes into the creative aspect of your music?

We pay close attention to the song structure and rhythm sections from bands in that era, and pull out what we like best about them and then develop new songs with that perspective in mind.

How does the band ensure that you're reaching the ultimate goal in sync with one another and each band member's actions?

Well, we are big proponents of recording our practices and then going back and listening objectively to hear whether the vibe, sound, and cohesion is where it needs to be.  Often that doesn’t happen on the first try, so you have to tinker a bit with the parts to get it all working.  That’s one of our favorite parts of the process!

Let's talk more about the music scene in Atlanta, and how it's aiding in the cultivation of hour sound. Would you say that you're a band that derives its inspiration for lyrical content from the everyday lives you live?

We love the Atlanta music scene primarily because bands are fairly supportive of, and friendly too, each other, and also there is a lot of genre mixing here.  Whenever we play a show with a band we listen to their set and try to grow from it.  There are tons of great bands here!  To the second question, yes we are lyrically inspired by our everyday lives.  Usually, it’s a little detail that catches our imagination that we then develop and expand into something broader and hopefully more profound.  Like with the song "Mi Sueño", the name actually came from a bottle of red wine we were drinking during a jam session.  We liked and recorded one of the jams, and just named it after the wine.  Later Tyler-Simone and John developed the idea of dreams within dreams (Mi Sueño means “my dream” in Spanish).

What are some next steps that the bands want to take together in order to continue the growth of the band?

We just finished up our second recording with Atlanta rock producer Dan Dixon and are in the process of shopping it around to labels.  We hope to find a partner that can get our music to more people than we can alone.  In addition, we are wrapping up editing on our next video soon, for a song called Jennifer, My Girl, which should be out in a month or so.  We are very focused on creating content and marketing it the best way we can to find new listeners.

Listen to "MI Sueño" here.