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.Less.Is.More. Release Gripping New Single, “While Ü Were Sleeping"

.Less.Is.More. is an artist based out of Fayetteville, Arkansas and originally from Springfield, Missouri. He has been into music ever since childhood, coming from a musical family, but didn’t really start to take music too seriously until his junior high year of high school. He started writing and recording as .Less.Is.More. in October of 2018, releasing his first four songs as part of his debut EP later that month. On New Year’s Day of 2019, he released his single called “Birds Aren’t Real”, followed by the “While Ü Were Sleeping" EP released just last month in April. .Less.Is.More. also scores short indie films, so get in touch if you’ve got a project that would fit!

.Less.Is.More has a new single and the title track of their EP, “While Ü Were Sleeping". This song is interesting, first and foremost, because of the lack of any vocals. This is a refreshing change, and one actually doesn’t miss the vocals since there is enough going on otherwise. The arc of this song spans many different moods, from quiet and contemplative to more raucous and energetic while still maintaining the same overall musical elements. The first part of the song builds slowly, with piano and synths setting the contemplative tone from the beginning. This persists throughout the first half of the song, and then all of a sudden drums and guitars enter increasing the volume by several notches. The synth line from the introduction however remains, linking these two contrasting moods by a musical motif. “.Less.Is.More.” is an aptly named act, as this artist has a simple arrangement that is used to great effect. This is a unique and enjoyable song to listen to. We definitely recommend checking out this single and the rest of EP by .Less.Is.More.

Listen to “While Ü Were Sleeping" here and get to know more about .Less.Is.More. below!

Thanks for chatting with us! First of all, can you describe a bit about your musical background and how you got into writing in the first place?

My musical background really starts with my family. My dad plays drums and my mom plays a little piano and sings in church every now and then. I've always been around instruments, so when I got pretty serious about music I was comfortable with a drumstick in my hand or sitting behind a piano. I didn't really start writing until pretty recently actually. When I started .Less.Is.More. back in October, it was the first time I had really sat down and wrote music seriously with the intention of other people hearing them. 

You’re from Springfield, Missouri, but you moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas. How would you compare the music scenes in these two places?

As far as comparing the music scenes in Fayetteville and Springfield, that's kind of a tough comparison to make. I was 4 when my family left Springfield so I was never really able to take in the music scene there. My family has bounced around a little bit from Columbia, Missouri to Oklahoma City and Little Rock, Arkansas. But the music scene in Fayetteville is pretty great. It's a big college town so there's always a lot of great concerts around if you are looking for one. We get everybody from Ben Rector to Rich the Kid. It's cool to see all of the diversity in acts here. 

Who would you describe as your biggest musical influences?

When it comes to my biggest influences it's hard to pin down just a few. First and foremost, I would have to say U2. Listening to The Edge play guitar made me want to get serious about my guitar tone in the first place. But being an instrumental, post rock artist, I look up to the guys from Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You a ton. Those two bands really made me want to make instrumental music. I enjoy listening the The 1975 and especially their instrumental tracks like "Please Be Naked" and "12". I also play guitar in church pretty regularly, so a lot of my guitar tone is inspired by what you'd hear from Bethel, Hillsong or Austin Stone. Artists such as Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole have always been something that I've loved to listen to. It's not that their musical stylings show up in my music, but listening to genres outside of what I create is a nice break and helps my creative process. There are so many different styles and genres of music out there that it really is hard to pick just a few people or bands that have inspired me. 

What is your writing process like? How does your music come together?

Typically, my writing process starts on guitar. I'll mess around with a chord progression or riff until I can piece the rest of the song together in my head. At that point I try to record each track and instrument piece by piece. Once I get going, everything comes together pretty naturally. Sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to strike, but when it does it's hard for me to walk away from the project.

What can we hope to see from you this year and beyond?

The future for .Less.Is.More. is something that I'm pretty excited about. Recently, I've been getting into scoring music for some indie films and doing some commissioned works. I feel like composing instrumental music is a natural progression into film scoring and I've been enjoying that recently. A full length album is in the works for sure. In addition to that, I'm thinking through what a live show for .Less.Is.More. would look like. The idea of sharing my music live something that I take pretty seriously and I want to make sure that I can orchestrate the best show that I possibly can.


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