Let Animal Mother Take Your Mind On A Trip With “Sleep”

Animal Mother, also known as Carlos Ariel, is a New Brunswick, New Jersey native. He grew up listening to many diverse genres that help to mold his style today. At ten years old, Carlos received his first guitar and his friends introduced him to Black Sabbath, this is when his love for music really started to come into fruition. Though he dabbled playing in multiple bands, he eventually came into his own sound and created the psychedelic and alluring project that is Animal Mother. He strives to create vivid music that listeners can close their eyes and experience to the fullest.

Animal Mother’s single “Sleep” will take your mind on a journey and put you ultimately into a trance. Catchy piano and echoing vocals begin the track “Sleep”. The melancholy and alluring sound with have the listener honed in on every up and down of the song. Animal Mother has create such a unique and avant garde sound through his many influences and his creative mind. The authenticity and originality are evident when “Sleep” comes through the speaker. The song slowly turns into a psychedelic mind bender. When the piano slowly turns more organ sounding and many electronic tones are layered overtop. Animal Mothers track “Sleep” has a high point where many elements of electronic music are fused together into one moment. It slowly begins its descent into conclusion, letting the mind wander further into a serene state of mind. Stay on the lookout for more ambient and vivid music from Animal Mother.

Check out “Sleep” here and read more with Animal Mother below in our interview.

Hi Animal Mother! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers? How did you come up with your stage name?  

What’s up my name is Carlos Ariel but I also go by the stage name Animal mother. The way animal mother came up as an idea for my name was when watching the movie full metal jacket. Have you seen that movie? It’s a classic. Animal mother was this crazy badass soldier in the movie, i just thought man I would be kicking myself if I didn’t use that as my stage name haha.

What artists influence your sound? How?

Oh The Beatles for sure, they really had a variety of music and sounds that where never made before at that time and yet the songs where catchy and hits. specially the song tomorrow never know, I actually have that song tattooed. 

Another important band would be Pink Floyd, there early stuff was waaayyy ahead of their time. It’s funny because I made a song in high school called “dance of the porcelain ornaments” before I listened to Pink Floyd thinking I’m the first to make pictures with sounds only to find out later that Pink Floyd already made that kinda of music. Needless to say Pink Floyd is a really great experience. I recommend going to Nick Masons saucerful of secrets live shows for that early Pink Floyd, it’s great!

What's the theme and meaning behind “Sleep”?

 Sleep is a song about not being able to sleep, the lyrics end with me repeating “another day of another day of another day” meaning I’ve not slept well in days. Really that whole song is suppose to describe the beauty of the morning for the first part and twist it with the feelings of sleep deprivation which leaves space for those interesting sounds that become dark and bleak in the whole second part of the song.  

What do you want your listeners and fans to take away from your music?

I really want my listeners and fans to close there eyes and experience the song. let the sounds take you for a ride. But also be incline to share the music with people who need it ya know.

What’s your fanbase like in New Brunswick, NJ?

It’s getting there, I have been getting more followers on my Instagram page so that’s cool. Hey you! Listen to my music and follow my music page it’s the bees knees!


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