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Let Anuahyahu Change Your Perspective In Eye Opening Track “Care-Less”

Residing in North Minneapolis, MN, Anuahuayu (Shawyn Taylor Mattox) is educated and focused on what’s important. Bringing biblical Hip-hop to the mainstream scene, Anuahyahu speaks the truth about rap music today through his Hebraic roots. Hip-hop isn’t just something Anuahuayu does, Hip-hop is the way he lives.

His newest single “Care-Less” sheds light on controversial subjects such as the restructuring of education to avoid learning of slavery “So that future generations would no longer be able to identify their oppressors”. He spits serious truth about how the modernized teachings of the bible have white-washed every story. Anuahuayu is able to prove these facts by citing bible verses while keeping up with his expert flow, he boasts an undeniable skill-set. He also highlights the growing popularity of rap music thats main focus is on the unimportant, Anuahuayu recites  “pill poppin’, lean sippin’, n***a you’s a junky”! Further proving his expert lyricism and incredible mind, Anuahuayu is teaching developing minds to be aware of the things he is saying. His track “Care-Less” demands to be heard in the most admirable way. Anuahuayu tells the truth about important topics and is unapologetic along the way. Authentic and groundbreaking, I highly recommend you check out “Care-Less” and stay on the lookout for Anuahuayu.

Listen to "Care-Less" here!


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