Let Go of the Fear of Being "Alone" With KYO! and Rozee's Latest Masterpiece

Taking full control of his artistic reign, Los Angeles-based producer and engineer KYO! Is establishing his creativity in a lane of his own. After working with recognized artists such as Usher, Kevin Gates, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sevyn Streeter, Max & Lenny Santos, and more, we can hear the exploration he embarks on in the genre of R&B/Soul.

Debuting with his recently released single, “Alone,” we hear the production architect KYO!, teaming up with angelic singer-songwriter Rozee. The enticing musical foundation that swirls in an atmospheric realm of passion has us fully engaged in the complexity that drips in the finer details conveyed.

Through textured layers of electronic instrumentation, the forward essence of heartfelt themes runs rampant through our minds. Igniting the flame within our souls, we hear the wistful tenors tackle powerful themes as we gently ease ourselves into the intricate dreamscape before us. As Rozee’s intimate timbres cast out striking lyrics fixated on a narrative of adoration, lyrical motifs such as ‘I don’t wanna have to rock this bed alone,’ leave a simmering imprint on the familiar feeling we have etched into our being.

Casting out such a relevant subject with the feeling of isolation being vastly familiar due to the pandemic the past two years, we admire just how deep these two go in allowing us to feel this arrangement more than we hear it. In a poignant rush of cascading excellence, “Alone,” has us eagerly awaiting what KYO! will be providing to his fan base in succession on his solo journey to the top.

The collaborative duo of yourself and Rozee sits remarkably with us. How did you two come to collaborate on this song?

The song was originally made for Kelly Rowland. I needed a reference singer, so the songwriter knew Rozee and connected us. She ended up singing the song so well that we decided to keep the song with her on it. She even wrote the bridge on the song. I ended up releasing the song under my name because Kelly took a hiatus from music.

What was it like enhancing your artistic vision with Rozee? Did the execution come out exactly as you had imagined?

It was amazing the way Rozee sang the song. It sounded like it was meant for her to sing it. Honestly, her execution of the song exceeded my expectations. Keep in mind, she was only supposed to do a reference of the song at first.

How does a song like “Alone” shape what’s to come from you with forthcoming releases? What does this track say about you as an artist and creative?

This song is going to shape my career by showing the world that I can’t be boxed in and that I am very diverse with my music. No matter what genre I release, I want to make an impact on not just the music industry, but the rest of the world. This track shows that I have different tastes in music and that I’m not scared to try different genres than what is expected of me as a producer.

What is the mission statement that you carry with you through your art?

My mission is to get my music heard and gain fans around the world, but also show that I’m dope as a person. I want people to connect through my music and I want them to see that I’m producing dope records. In time, I aspire to gain the trust of other artists to work with me.