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Let Karen. Take the Lead With Her Latest Release, “2X”

Eccentric pop artist karen. has released an inspiring new song, titled "2X". Based in Lancaster, PA, karen. strives for her music to touch the hearts and minds of many lost souls. As a self-taught singer/songwriter and musician, karen. uses her abilities to connect and communicate to her listeners in thoughtful ways, and "2X" worked to do the exact same.

"2X" has a light, upbeat and voluptuous melody, which creates an easygoing rhythm throughout the song. One can tell that a variety of elements from today's pop music scene were taken as inspiration for the construction of "2X," as there are soft and glamorous elements similar to Ariana Grande's atmosphere, combined with more confidence and compelling vocalism similar to artists such as Naomi. The vocal style is specifically one aspect of karen. that you should carefully hone into. She possesses this inert quality that allows her to immediately grab the attention of any listener, hooking them into her luxurious soundscapes.

"2X" was karen.'s opportunity to uplift her listeners. She wanted to spread self-love amongst her listening base, and share the advice to hold one's self to a high standard when it comes to seeking any platonic or romantic relationship. Here is where karen. shares her own personal experiences that led her to practice such wisdom herself, making "2X" a vulnerable and inspirative single, full of compelling emotionality.

After listening to "2X," we're ultimately left with genuine positivity, as karen. and her music tends to elicit that effect. We're anticipating more fun, wisdom-packed singles from karen. in the near future.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, karen.! Can you give readers a bit of a run-down on what the release of "2X" meant for you? This release is a step further for me, creatively, sonically, and especially vocally. This track serves as somewhat of a turning point for me, finally, a track that I let loose in all of these aspects and we truly get a dive into the mind of "karen." It's been a while since I released anything, and it's mostly because of all the work I put into this single. 2X holds a lot of value to me. Can you delve further into the lyricism of "2X," especially regarding the wisdom you imparted onto listeners throughout the track?

2X is just an amalgamation of romance and self-love wrapped into a bow, 2X is me finally discovering my self-worth. At the time of writing it, I was just slightly getting recognized for my work, people started wanting to work with me and were actually listening to my music, and I got to this point where I gave everyone the time of day, and it became such a burden to me. I was just promising things that I couldn't give. I realized I needed to prioritize myself. That's where 2X arose, I wrote about struggling in relationships as a comparison to this, and also included references to some people in my past as well. I've always had issues with Leos in relationships, I'm currently dating a Virgo, and I had a rough time dealing with a Gemini in the past. I learned a lot from these people and it taught me to hold myself in higher regard, so it just felt right to actually put these experiences into song, with everything that was going on in my life at the time. It helped me grow.

Were there any major changes made throughout the process of writing "2X" that changed the content of the song in a dramatic way?

Well, I definitely did not mean to make it an astrological song at all, that just kind of happened when I wrote the first verse, and I mentioned compatibility, and after that, the song just grew around the horoscopes. Nothing else really changed, other than vocally, I began to experiment a lot more with my voice, you can definitely hear a much more profound and strong vocal performance in my background vocals and at the end of the song. I was able to explore my vocal strengths and play around with them at the time, so I definitely changed in that sense.

What is the next step for you now that "2X" has been released?

The next step? I'm releasing my first music video, for "2X," shortly after this release. I've got an EP on the way, hopefully later this year. It's called "Only Interesting on The Internet," and it's gonna be a lot more personal than "2X," we get more of a dive into me and my life, and we'll have another music video released with that. It'll be a complete 180 from the sounds in "2X," so I'm very excited to introduce that contrast. I can't wait to show you guys what I've got in store.

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