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Let’s Get Real on Heartbreak With Vermantics

Photo Credit: @bonncreativ

We're excited to introduce you to Vermantics, an Australian band that has reached incredible new heights in the past twelve months in the industry. They've pushed constant singles over the past months, and today, we share their most recent piece, "Thinking Of You."

The distinctive sound of Vermantics is loud and contagious, like good Rock and roll but with a collected modern vibe. It is an incredible combination of styles we love and appreciate; in their new single "Thinking Of You," Vermantics talks with their heart in their hands, inferior out their feelings towards a nostalgic, wistful story of a love that does not correspond.

It describes a perpetual, alone, hopeful but gloomy wait of a lover waiting for their particular person to come around. Who hasn't been there before? When you're full of hope, expectations, and a dreamy sensation that you will soon be corresponded to, only be defeated by the waiting and lose all hope.

This is a call out to every lover, every dreamer, in the anticipation of love or anyone with hope. Amid all that perceivable pain in this song, Vermantics makes you feel a little less alone and energizes you to continue moving forward. After all, who doesn't like a romantic, hopeless love story?

Vermantics, for us, is that successful best friend that went through heartbreak before and gave you their shoulder to cry on while you feel the pain of an unrequited lover.

Welcome To BuzzMusic, Vermantics, and congratulations on your latest release, “Thinking of You.” Focusing a little bit on the growth of your career, can you share with us what’s been the biggest challenge as a band?

The biggest challenge was coming out of the pandemic. We had just to push through. We wrote lots of material, which was a huge positive, and worked hard on crafting what we wanted the band to become.

We’re super interested to learn the inspiration behind your name “Vermantics?”

Shhh, it’s a secret!

What changed for you guys after your live debut at the Cherry Bar 2022?

Our debut show at Cherry was a night we’ll never forget. There was this vibe on stage that we had all never experienced before. We knew we wanted to be a strong live band. We worked on crafting our live show before heading out on tours later that year. The first show at Cherry felt like the beginning of a long journey!

What inspired you for “Thinking Of You?” What’s the main message you wanted to spread?

It’s a song about being scared to tell someone how you feel about them. I don’t know that there’s a message we want to spread, but I think everybody can relate to that feeling.

What excites you about the near future of Vermantics?

The future is so exciting. There’s so much material that we’re itching to get out.


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