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Let the High Plain Drifters Steer You Into Your Own Thoughts With Their Six-Track EP

Drawing from decades of experience, Manhattan’s very own The High Plain Drifters inculcate deep thoughts into the minds of their listeners. Following a formula that immerses us in up-tempo energy, no matter what the theme is, the six-track EP titled “Songs of Love and Loss” was the surprise release that fans everywhere needed.

Mesmerizing with each track to grace our speakers, The High Plain Drifters aims to have their audience relate to the messaging sprawled across their music. With every song bringing out a different emotion in the realm of love and loss, the relevancy is waiting to infiltrate minds and grasp your attention. Recording the songs three months into the Covid-19 pandemic, the nine-month in the making EP is one that is sure to place an emphasis on the like-minded creatives forming this group.

Consisting of Larry Studnicky, John Macom, Mike DoCampo, Kyle Cassel, Charles Czarnecki, and Dave Richards, this is a musical portal cemented in interpretation and feeling. Listen to “Songs of Love and Loss” on all streaming platforms today.


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