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Let Tye Ellen Boost Your Spirits With Her Refreshing New EP, “Holiday-ish Times”

If you were running a little low on holiday spirit, look no further, because Tye Ellen’s “Holiday-ish Times” is here to fill you right back up.

Born and raised in Texas, singer-songwriter Tye Ellen’s passion for creativity is undeniable. Ellen’s focus is mainly within the RnB/Pop world, but she is constantly stepping out of her comfort zone with different genres as well as collaborating with a variety of artists. Ellen also has a drive for creating sync opportunities for her music and is extremely passionate about building up a catalog of material for these types of outlets.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into Tye Ellen’s most recent project, the “Holiday-ish Times” EP. This 4-track project is short and sweet, packed with everything you need to fill you up with positivity and warmth this holiday season.

Kicking off the project with “Holiday Holiday”, Ellen brings in sonic elements like jingle bells that immediately signify to the listener they are in a winter wonderland. Following this, we are happily surprised to find that Ellen has infused her classic Pop/RnB into this track. The beat comes in heavy, with a thumping kick and high-hats, combined with angelic keys and Ellen’s soothing yet powerful vocals. All combined with an infectious hook, we happily won’t be getting out of our heads anytime soon.

Moving on to track two of the EP, “The Holiday”. This track is catchy, short, and sweet, but gives us everything we need to be tied up in a cute little package. Infused with jingle bells, a groovy bass line, and an extremely uplifting hook, you can only smile while listening to this track.

Next up, we have the third track of the EP, a cover of the classic holiday song we all know and love, “O Holy Night.” Tye Ellen gives us her take of this classic, with a more upbeat, yet still soothing rendition. Her vocals are buttery and warm, with RnB/Pop elements bringing this typically slower tune onto a whole new level. Beautiful strings swoon in the background, while various percussive elements carry the track along, keeping the listener's head bopping along to this new take on the classic holiday tune.

Lastly, Tye Ellen closes off her project with the final song, “Be A Beautiful You.” This song begins in a more stripped-back fashion than the rest, starting off with an acoustic guitar and Ellen’s vocals. She then brings listeners into a more full, rich sonic world with booming drums, warm layered vocals, keys, and bass. Ellen infuses this track with her uplifting lyrics, empowering listeners to just be themselves, and try to ignore the dreaded comparison game with others because they are beautiful just the way they are.

Overall, this EP is infused with positivity, Tye Ellen wishes to inspire and uplift her audience during this holiday season, and it is especially needed this year of all. Tye Ellen demonstrates impressive variety throughout this “Holiday-Ish Times”. She has a natural ability to transition throughout upbeat RnB/Pop tracks, a soft and intimate take on a holiday classic, and end it off with a self-empowerment anthem we could all use around this time of year. We are touched by her infectious positivity and class throughout this EP, and can’t wait to hear what comes next from Tye Ellen.

Come and let Tye Ellen infuse your holidays with a little extra cheer by checking out her “Holiday-Ish TImes” EP, available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tye Ellen! We love your fresh take on these holiday-inspired tracks. What motivated you to want to create this EP?

I write so much music mainly for sync and really enjoy collaborating. Before I knew it, I had over 5 Christmas songs written and recorded. So I said, "Why not put out a Holiday EP"-Especially since I really enjoy the holidays and all things Christmas!

What would you say were the biggest challenges you faced while writing and recording this project?

The challenge I faced during this project was relocating. I sold my home before the release, so there were a lot of things that needed to get done and thought of as far as promotion, etc. and you're automatically up against the deadline because it's a seasonal project and people don't want to listen to holiday music after the New Years and in most cases after Christmas.

We love how positive and uplifting your lyrics are throughout this project, and we really feel as though this will be a much-needed pick-me-up for many around this time of year. Do you feel as though your personal experiences have influenced your writing throughout this EP, and if that is the case, how so?

I would like the listeners to realize that there are so many genres that I put on this project. Where each person should be able to relate to at least one of the songs from R&B, Hip Hop, to a Singersongwriter vibe.

You’re known for stepping out of your comfort zone with different genres. Is there any genre that you feel you’d like to explore more on future tracks or projects?

I really enjoyed Hip Hop and would like to explore that more. Especially because it's upbeat and most people love to move! And it helps that it seems to be synced the most out of every genre.

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