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Let Your Ears Ring With Bliss as sung33th Presents, "Call Me"

With vocals that clasp onto your soul, the multifaceted Sri Lankan artist Sangeeth, professionally known as sung33th, has a name that derives from music. Pursuing his lifelong passion, the self-taught talents of sung33th take him to the vast array of songwriting, singing, producing, and playing both guitar and piano.

What comes from this is a tranquil blend that pushes the borderlines of all genres, and we get to absorb ourselves in an acoustic wave of electric backing components. “Call Me,” is the featured masterpiece, and latest single to come from sung33th and captures his styling in such a seamless execution of emotion and talent.

Aiming to be a storyteller who inspires the listener to see the world from a child’s eyes, he reiterates the feeling that anything is possible. We got to take the time to chat with sung33th about his artistry, and latest release in the exclusive BuzzMusic interview which will be airing shortly on our website. With a calming sense of perseverance that floats through his dreams, sung33th is an artist to keep an eye out for.


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