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Let Your "Freak Flag" Fly With dadbód's Groovy Hit

Giving you the goods from Los Angeles, CA, the 5-piece fusion band dadbód releases their debut single that gets listeners on their feet with "Freak Flag."

Consisting of Logan Weeks, Chris Lindvall, Russ Brown, Charlie Fountaine, and Kevin White, dadbód established their sound while performing covers of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who, Prince, and David Bowie. Now preparing to release their original tracks, dadbód is as eager as ever to let their own sound be heard.

With the band's debut release, "Freak Flag," dadbód wanted to drop a track that allows listeners to groove away and forget their everyday stressors. While coming through with a blend of Funk, Disco, and Rock on this lively single, dadbód pushes incredibly uplifting lyricism that encourages the listener to be themselves unapologetically.

Hitting the play button, dadbód's single "Freak Flag" opens with the grooviest of instrumentation, primarily through Russ Brown's sweet bass licks, Chris Lindvall's tight guitar swings, and Kevin White's funky mid-tempo drums that get our toes tapping. Once Logan Weeks starts singing in a gripping and nostalgic falsetto, he quickly offers this intense magnetism that we'd find in prime Disco and Funk.

Not to mention the soulful keys from Charlie Fountaine that keep the track moving with energy and life, we highly admire the sonic depth that dadbód delivers. We also get a taste of scorching Rock through a blistering solo around the bridge and outro, reaching the song's end with immense power.

We're letting our "Freak Flag" fly high with dadbód and this intensely gripping tune that pushes nostalgia and energy from every corner. Make sure to check out dadbód's debut single and experience the grooves for yourself.


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