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Let Your Heart Flutter To Katasha J’s New Single, “Coming Back”

Hailing from the west end of Toronto is emerging r&b recording artist, pianist, and singer-songwriter Katasha J with her smooth-sailing and heartfelt new single, "Coming Back."

Singing since the tender age of 5, Katasha J grew up surrounded by music that influenced her to create some of her own. Most impacted by names like Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, and Brandy, the classically trained musician is also a piano student at the Royal Conservatory of Music and a trained vocalist by local jazz artist Micah Barnes.

With three released projects under her belt, Katasha J is ready to continue evolving as a musician and singer with sweet new tunes like her recent "Coming Back." It's a charming and warm-hearted piece that dissects the profound emotions of loving someone and rekindling that flame to spark a passionate fire once again.

Expanding on "Coming Back," this sweet-sounding r&b anthem smoothly opens with lush piano melodies and soft snaps overtop of Katasha J's background vocals that flutter like a butterfly. As we hop into the smooth-sailing r&b verse, Katasha J unleashes the most vibrant and serene vocal melodies while sharing her troubles with a tumultuous relationship, one that always leaves her "Coming Back" for more.

Katasha J's passion in this song seeps through our speakers, thanks to her charming and tender instrumentals alongside the relaxed production and her wistful vocal performance. This song is bound to take you back to the prime eras of r&b, especially as Katasha J's vocal melodies continue dancing through the song while unleashing the utmost relatable lyrics about the grip that certain relationships can have on all of us.

We're sure you'll be "Coming Back" for more after hearing Katasha J's heartfelt new single. Find Katasha J's "Coming Back" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Katasha J. We love the profound passion and playful feel of your new single, "Coming Back." What inspired you to create this tender and loving new tune?

This song was started over a year ago; I can't believe it! I had a session at Rare Heir studios. We were finishing another song and wanted to build a new track. We just kinda freestyled the idea, and then it blossomed from that session!

What was it like writing your personal and intimate lyrics for "Coming Back?" Was it easy for you to open your heart and lay it all on the line?

When it comes to songwriting, sometimes I just like to write about the concept of love. Not necessarily basing it on my own experience. It'll either be based on my own heartbreak or someone else's.

What did you envision for the sound and vibe of "Coming Back?" Did you have any artistic influences in mind when creating this song?

When we were vibing with the beat, we wanted the sound to have a 2000's element to it. A very breezy production and smooth sweet vocals. I love a nostalgic sound, so I'm always stuck in the late '90s or early 2000s, haha.

What impact did you want to leave on listeners with "Coming Back?" What do you hope they take away from the single?

With this song, I really want people to experience everything while listening to it. The vocals, the lyrics, and the production. It's a very happy melody, but the topic and lyrics are bittersweet. The concept of a relationship where you constantly argue but always end up getting back together is a lot of people's experience, so a lot can relate. The visuals are in the works, so everyone can look forward to that in the next month or so!


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