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Levi Nice Gifts Us A Time In His Mind With, “Dried Saliva”

Levi Nice, a multi-instrumentalist and producer from London, brings us sounds from his alternative/folk genre roots. Levi had to adapt and experiment with different production methods that didn't require relying on other people, and that's when he brought to life her very own unique sound. He mixes lo-fi bedroom folk with unique electric sounds. Not too long after her full-length album was released, Levi Nice got signed to Counter-Clockwise records!

As we enter into "Dried Saliva" the instrumental greets us like the intro of the most epic movie you're about to watch. We then hear Levi and his poetic words of motivation, self-doubt, and love. Levi talks about someone (like a significant other) in lyrics like " Oh purest heart, one amongst a mass of violated gristle" and speaks about how every once in a while, he feels 'not worthy.' Levi's voice flows in and out with the beat and doesn't hesitate to impress us.

We continue, and as we listen to "Dried Saliva," Levi says things like "Is this the place?" and "Is this the place that I belong?" where we can tell that he feels lost and craves the words to make him feel whole again. He is a magnificent poet and writer who truly doesn't care about being different and, against all the odds, continues to stay true to himself. As we come to an end, "Dried Saliva" closes off with some unique sounds paired with melodies to always remember.

Levi Nice continues to wow us with his fruitful lyrics and never-ending creative fuel, it's amazing to see how "Dried Saliva" will change things for many people.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Levi Nice, and congratulations on your latest release, "Dried Saliva." What was the inspiration behind the making and process of the song? For "Dried Saliva," I wanted to bring together loads of different styles and genres that have influenced me over the years. The first part of the track is heavily influenced by Bernard Herman’s Taxi Driver score. That cinematic larger-than-life orchestration has always really fascinated me, and I wanted that to be heard in my own production. The UK dance music scene also played a large part in influencing the track. Living in Leeds means I’m constantly surrounded by some of the best underground electronic music, and it's definitely played a large part in how I’ve developed my sound and my approach to production. The drums, in particular, are inspired heavily by UK dance music. What’s the main message in "Dried Saliva?" I’ve always tried to make music that’s open to interpretation. So as pretentious as it sounds, it’s up to you. What has been the most challenging thing you have overcome in your musical career? The most challenging thing would probably be having to learn how to do everything myself so that I didn’t have to rely on the interest of other people to make the music I wanted to make. What’s next for you? I have a few more singles coming out soon and a full album release later on in the year. My next single is called “Cross Country Locomotives,” which will be coming out on June 21st.

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