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LEX Goes Rogue In "RENEGADE"

Up and coming artist LEX is from Long Island, NY, where she was introduced to the sound of punk rock. LEX states, ‘It’s very easy to feel alone in this world. Just know that is never the case. Don’t take the easy way out. We are strong and it is always okay to be different.’

Music is her escape from the cruel world that carries on around her. Using music to help her cope with pain, anxiety, and heartache, LEX hopes that someday it can help her listeners just as much as it helps her.

“RENEGADE,” is the latest entry into LEX’s music catalog as she expresses a narrative of sorrow through the melancholic hues that linger in her vocal performance. Being forward is a strong suit of LEX as she charismatically sways her lyrics in a manner that acts as a direct letter to the culprit of her demise.

Through the dark pop essence that is captured in the enigmatic timbres she disburses within the single, we hear a flattering contrast between the lulling tenors in her voice and the resonated bass line accompanied by fizzy synths that surge through this musical arrangement.

LEX undeniably has a charm to the way she cries out a cathartic stream of cognizant insights as we’re witness to the emotional rupture laced throughout “RENEGADE.”

Being a breakup anthem that doesn’t take on the signature traits of crumbling relationship tenors, we adore the approach that was taken in order to fashion an environment that is so independent of her autonomous persona that we’re living for this new outlook presented.

As a phoenix rising from the ashes, we know that her fan base everywhere feels empowered as they feast upon the prevailing characteristics that continue to push LEX to a newfound height.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LEX, and congratulations on the release of “RENEGADE.” We love the entire theme and how it was executed! Being your first release of 2021, what encouraged you to make this your debut into the year? Does this release shape the sound of what’s to come?

Music was the only tool I found comforting. I turned my sound into therapy sessions. It was the only way I could release my energy. I decided for the year 2021 I was going to try something different. I'm always writing down my feelings and emotions so, I decided to create 25 singles and drop a song every Friday. I wanted people to engage and to understand that they aren’t alone. Every week I would be there for them. During the time I wrote “RENEGADE,” I was going through a heartbreak that I have never felt. Losing someone that you thought you could trust is the worst kind of pain. “RENEGADE” is just the beginning of Lex.

Could you please share the creative process that brought forth such direct lyrics in this vivid soundscape?

Like all my songs, My heart is what creates the song. Every song I create is a freestyled version and at the end, I tighten it up to make it a complete song.

What does “RENEGADE,” say about you as an artist and individual? What is the message that you’re sending out to your fan base through this song?

“RENEGADE,” says a lot about me as an artist because it shows that I write what I feel. The message I want to get out is that even though you may be going through the worst times in life, someone is always going to be there for you. It’s very easy to feel alone in this world. Life may seem like the hardest thing to overcome but everything happens for a reason. Life is about lessons. It is not meant to bring you down.

How do your musical inspirations of Fall Out Boy, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and Boys Like Girls amplify your sound?

My musical inspirations are “Fall Out Boy, “Brand New”, “Taking Back Sunday” and “Boys Like Girls”. They showed me that it was okay to be different. It was okay to feel whatever the fuck you wanted.

What's next for you?

I don’t know what is next for me. The life we live is unpredictable, but I hope someday I can be the voice for you. I hope that I can be the person that changes my outlook of life.


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