Lexytron Releases New Song “Blackmail” And It's A Total Hit

Half Greek, half Persian and half english as she describes herself, Lexytron is from Manchester and found her early niche as an artist when she discovered her skills in piano and violin. Her song titled “Blackmail” off her debut album ‘Something Blue’ crosses genres, flinging the dirt and danger of Rock n Roll against the bleeding heart and melody of Mozart and is an alternative girl’s guide to love, loss and lust.

“Blackmail” is like the devil’s take on a love song! It's sick, twisted and tempting with its roaring riffs and harmonies. The song is equipped with your classic rock roots that you hear more apparent in the beginning age of rock music alongside the current idiosyncratic sound Lexytron produces. The oxidized edge and tarnished grit “Blackmail” has makes this single your atypical hit. Lexytron inexpressible vocals propels this song into a regulation that you’ll never see coming! A wrecking ball smash with moments to absorb the melodic flow, "Blackmail" has al the correct ingredients to enrapture your musical bones.

Check out this electrifying and oddly magnificent hit and get to know Lexytron below in our exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!

How was growing up in Manchester for you Lexytron?

I was born in the area of Manchester where the Gallagher brothers were knocking around and we lived very close to Sifters records as namechecked in ‘Shakermaker’.  What now might be stuff of rock n roll legend was certainly not that way then and our family moved across the Pennines [mountains separating the North West and North East of England] to a small town in the suburbs of Sheffield.  It was a pretty quiet upbringing – not much happens in small towns.  I found my way of exploring the wider world through reading, writing stories and playing music (yes, I was a dork!)  I returned to Manchester after University and loved living there because of its culture, charm and, of course, its musical heritage!

How would you describe your brand and artistry to our readers?

‘Lexytron’ crosses musical genres – flinging the dirt and danger of rock n roll against the bleeding heart and melody of Mozart.  We are multifaceted as people and I’d like to think so is my ‘art’.  I have recorded an album “Something Blue” which has roaring riffs and distortion in one place but then in another you will find an angelic choral arrangement! My music celebrates difference but my lyrics cover the feelings that we all share – like love, loss and lust – just with my ‘alternative girl’ spin on them!

What’s so exciting about “Blackmail” that you think the listeners will love the most and why?

Like many of our favourite pop songs, if you listen to the lyrics of ‘Blackmail’ carefully, the imagery is dark yet it sounds playful. It is a musical paradox and that's why I think people will love it.

It has been great fun reading about the meanings that other people have projected onto the song; I describe it as the Devil’s take on a love song, which is alluded in the music video starring the Devil himself in one of his more comedic roles! A DJ in London said the song reminded him a bit of PJ Harvey and to be honest, I was quite happy to be put in the same sentence as someone of her artistic prowess!

Who are some of your musical influences both past and present?

I like to think of my album as an indie girl's version of 'The White Album' because I have not shied away from visiting different sonic avenues within the structure of a pop record.  I can confirm that it is the perfect length for a vinyl!  As a female, I would look to someone like Regina Spektor, particularly in the early part of her career, because her ethnic identity and classical sensibilities are part of her music.  I have tried to adopt that same honest approach in my songwriting.  I play piano but like to rock out so seeing another female do it makes you think you can. However, my biggest musical influences, past and present, are my parents.  My mum took me to my piano lessons and my dad drove me to orchestra and introduced me to a lot of the music I love today.  Except punk!

“Blackmail” is a really individualistic single with different qualities that can’t be compared to any other song, how did you execute that perfectly?

Thank you for flattering me! I am thrilled that you see it as ‘individualistic’. It’s a psychological crime thriller of a pop song so I guess what I have tried to do is tell the story of this twisted relationship with added riffage and immediacy! I am not sure that I could even unpick how I did that! Sometimes it is best not to question these things too much.

What’s next for you Lexytron? Any upcoming shows?

Another single is on its way soon (I am working on the video as we speak).  It is called ‘I’m Not A Disco’ which is more danceable and shows another side of me.  If you want a preview of it, there’s a meme on YouTube of our Prime Minister Theresa May throwing some shapes to it.  That will be followed by another couple of cuts then I will drop “Something Blue” hopefully in the first half of next year.  A lot of what happens next year depends on how the public are receiving it! I have two live shows next week in London and 2019 will bring more shows.  If you want me to play LA, you’ll have to keep featuring me!

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