Liam Craig is Reading Our Quarantine Minds With New Release “Runaway”

We're immediately introduced to an RnB inspired guitar riff, which sets the tone to Liam Craig's fresh release "Runaway." Hailing from Northern England, Liam brings a soulful RnB influenced approach to his music, pulling from the pages of his own experience in music, relationships, and growing up in a city that raised him. A song that takes us through an alley in life, we've all been down feeling uncertain. Needing a refresh of scenery, and a new local barstool, just as Liam sings "I can't lie, I've been contemplating life from the living room," now more than ever, as we sit in our living rooms (locked in) do these lyrics resonate with SO many. Liam's voice has a kind, smooth texture that is so refreshing in an RnB track. He has a genuinely expressive voice that encompasses a keen croon, a melting falsetto, and we get a hint of his cheeky over the pond accent when he gets playful and runs along with the lyrics. You will find your self nodding along with the ticking percussion and free-flowing lyrics; a true testament to a song is what affect it has on the body; "Runaway" is a positive body experience.

Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of Liam Craig’s latest hit “Runway,” listen here.

Hi Liam, welcome to BuzzMusic! We are so excited about your new track “Runaway”. How are you feeling about the finished product and that it's now available for listeners everywhere?

So its been long overdue me releasing music, and I'm excited to start putting it out there after so long, had an amazing response to the track so far -it's very humbling.

How does the songwriting process start for you? Where do you go to draw on inspiration?

My songwriting process is different all the time, sometimes I have a bunch of ideas that I want to write about - and depends on the vibe of the day, but I'm a melody man so it usually grows from a few chords and kind of writes itself.

What kind of music community do you create for yourself to stay connected with other artists? Is there a particular artist that has influenced your sound?

I travel and write with people all over the world from -London to Nashville, Preston, and the more I travel and connect the bigger music community I seem to have around me - networking is key and when you write songs with people you get a sort of connection you don't get anywhere else, you end up becoming friends with people you would never really come across in normal life. My musical influence comes from everywhere/everyone to be honest Right now its got to be Jessie Reyez, Daniel Ceasear, Bruno Major, Mac Miller, Anderson Paak, but I could have a list that goes on forever - as its ever-changing.

You said you draw a lot of your life experiences to transpose into your songwriting. What were you feeling when you wrote “Runaway”

Yeah, I like to draw from experiences that I've lived or am seeing, Runaway was inspired by the whole situation with quarantine and how i / everyone is coping being stuck indoors.

I reached out to people I have met all over the world doing music and asked them to send me a short clip of what they are doing to keep occupied. I wanted it to be feel good and put a smile on people faces that otherwise might be down during this time (see music video)

What can fans anticipate next from you, Liam?

I have a bunch of singles ready to go and an Albums worth of songs, so you can expect more music and more live videos. And of course, more gigs when I'm able to do so...