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Liam Cyr Released His Canorous And Melodic Single “Wychwood”

Liam Cyr is here with a delicate and gentle melody. The song called “Wychwood”, ready to serenade and give you a tune to remember. Liam Cyr is a solo artist based out of Toronto, ON. Originally born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he embraces his passion for folk music and storytelling, implementing his own experiences into his lyrics. “Wychwood” has the vulnerability appeal but its authentic lyrics is what makes the song so much more beautiful. You know when you hear specific songs that instantly makes you sad and gets you immediately in the mood to just let out emotions and reflect on any past hurt? That’s the vibe I received from listening to "Wychwood". However, the song could go either way and serve as a delightful purpose for you. That’s the whole beauty behind the record is its way to comfort you in any way most fitting for you. You will find relaxation in the warm melody and passionate vocal delivery. You feel at home and a nonstop commiseration aura.  If you have a playlist of music that consists of artists such as James Taylor, Paul Mccartney, and Ben Howard then you might want to include Liam Cyr into that collective. He tailor his own music with honesty, poignant thoughts, and weaves colorful production around a finger picked acoustic guitar. “Wychwood” is the perfect example of this--a great track to add to your Spotify playlist.

Catch Liam Cyr's exclusive interview below and read what the artist has to say about his take on "Wychlood", and what we can expect from him in the time to come!


Hi Liam, can you tell our readers about yourself and how you started your career in music?

My name is Liam Cyr, I'm a singer-songwriter born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, now living in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, my parents always made a point of playing different varieties of music in my home at all times. I fell in love with music and became passionate about the stories behind each song. A few of my favourite recording artists include: James Taylor, The Beatles, Ben Howard, John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, and Bon Iver. My dad began to teach me how to play drums when I was 3 years old, then I taught myself how to play guitar when I was 11, and I began writing songs when I was 16. I played in multiple bands over the years until starting my solo career in 2019. 

Where do you find most inspiration for your songwriting?

I find inspiration from the people I meet and the events that unfold before me. Everybody has a story and every story has depth worth exploring, often layered with a wide range of emotions. I choose to write about what happens in my own life, whether it's about feeling inspired after a conversation with a close friend or stranger, or simply reflecting on past experiences, some of which I may not have moved on from, or completely understand. 

“Wychwood” seems to show significant amount of vulnerability, how did this song get created?

Wychwood was written on my walk home from a night out at a bar after seeing my friend's band perform live. I had been going through a hard time, and was living with a large amount of inner turmoil. It has always been easier for me to address any issues I may be having by writing them down and reading them back. That's what Wychwood is, a journal entry. The name of the song is simply the neighborhood I was walking through as I collected my thoughts that night. 

How would you describe your personal musical style?

My personal musical style is a combination of classic folk and soft rock, with elements of modern day electronic sound design. As a child, my parents played music from many different genres, which inspired me to weave new elements into my own songs and productions. 

What moment in “Wychwood” do you believe has the most impact?

I believe the chorus in Wychwood has the most impact. It is as honest as I could be with myself, and I feel that other people can relate to the feeling of spiraling out of control and simply wanting to be held by those they love most, whether they're still alive or have moved on. In the end, everybody wants to know that they are loved.

Do you have a favorite lyric in "Wychwood"?

Personally, my favorite lyric in Wychwood is: "Say Goodbye is what I heard as I stumbled home, reminded me of you." Say Goodbye is a song written by Fleetwood Mac that I was listening to as I walked through the neighborhood on the evening that I reflected on past and current events. I had been listening to that song on repeat for a couple of days trying to understand how somebody could be so honest with their lyrics, and not be afraid to share them. That composition was a big turning point in my songwriting career, opening my eyes to the benefits of honesty, and releasing the fear of sharing my deep rooted emotions. We are all human after all. 

What can we expect from you in the near future?

I have four singles being released over the next two months, as well as an EP being released in late summer. 


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