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Lichtermeer Gives Us A Story Through Sound

Lichtermeer released their single titled Water”, a song that’s about a person who has a love for the liquid and sea, however they also have a fear of it. There’s only specific part where Lichtermeer sings and that’s when he says “lalala.. discard your fear”, the rest of the piece is fully instrumental however. Instrumentalists in my opinion has an interesting challenge they must excel in and that’s captivating a listener attention without any vocals or lyrics. Which means it adds more pressure on the instrumentalist to find a way to project their song meaning, story, or message in the sounds they produced. “Water” is a detailed piece. The beginning of the song has the atmospheric approach through the fx sounds Lichtermeer delivers. It’s neither delightful nor dwell-some but more so insensible. It has a strong chilling factor to it when he does indeed sings his two lines.

In my opinion, it holds as a powerful line on its own because it really allow us to explore other meanings to the song. For me, I was able to picture myself cleansing all my negative subconscious thoughts and replacing them with positivity. I was able to in-tune myself with my goals, dreams, and life itself just by allowing myself to become as a unit with “Water”. The super dope part about this single is the transition. Around 3:10, it turns into a vintage video game sounding dance record. Completely shifting your whole mood and vibe. Lichtermeer gave us diversity, self-reflections, and grooves with “Water”.

Listen to "Water" here and get to know Lichtermeer in our interview below!

Hi there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Sure! I'm Valentin Mayr, 24 years old and musician from Berlin. The word musician is still the best fitting but I'm actually also a composer and producer. On stage I play mostly drums and all kinds of pianos, keyboard and synths. Drums is what I studied, but at the moment the keyboardplaying, composing and producing dominates my life as a musician haha.

What’s the most challenging aspect for you as an instrumentalist?

When I play together with other musicians it's definately the most challenging thing to understand each others ideas and intentions musically. Sometimes someone has a big imagination behind an idea that he or she plays, and that imagination is what you need to get as well, or at least the feeling of it. The most challenging thing when I'm producing is to get through that weird mudd of software technique you need to handle.

When did you begin making music? What encouraged you to begin?

I started playing drums when I was six. My father is a professionell musician as well and my mother also does music. So I grew up in a family where everyone makes music. I even had a band with my brother for some years, a metal band haha. So I guess all that influences encouraged me to begin. Later when I was twelve, I started playing piano and also got more into composing and the whole creative process.

Do you have a love for nature?

Oh yeah I do! I love being in the nature, I also grew up on the countryside where it was just forest and fields around. You even hear it on the album! There are moments where I worked with nature sounds. "Days In Vis" has some bird sounds and djungle vibes, "Water" comes up with some sea breeze and the "ParaDies" trilogy creates some sunny moments where you hear little rivers and the forest with its birds.

How do you channel your outside influences into your music?

The whole album is a reflection of some of my own experiences, memories and dreams. All outside influences that have an effect on me are connected to what I feel and what I put into the music. That's how the most songs started, with an emotion. And then I would aim to play for that mood.

Do you have any other talents you’d like us to know about?

Soccer. I love soccer, haha. And also other kinds of sport like ping pong, volleyball or badminton.


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