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Lift Your Spirits with REDDER's Lush Single, "Send Me Home"

The synth-wave-inspired alternative-pop producer and artist REDDER teams up with Nashville-based vocalist Kayln for their exhilarating single, "Send Me Home."

Drawing heavy influences from the 2000s pop/rock scene that raised them, REDDER launched their career during the pandemic's early days. With the idea of creating music that features brilliant artists/vocalists based in Nashville, REDDER hit the ground running with their fluid collaborations and magnetic sounds.

Now teaming up with vocalist Kayln for their smash single, "Send Me Home," REDDER mentioned that the single is their last release until their debut album, slated to drop in summer 2021. Through the song's exciting appeal and pop/synth-wave sound, REDDER and Kayln transport us to new adventures with each inclusive lyric and captivating sonic element.

Diving into "Send Me Home," the song begins with a bright and pulsating array of synths that drop into a powerful and uplifting pop beat. Once Kayln makes her warm vocal appearance, she starts singing about sticking by someone's side until the day is done. REDDER's sonic atmosphere is more than lush, as they drench us in vibrance and lust through the song's exciting tones and dreamy arrangements.

We're incredibly impressed by the song's dense lyrical and sonic landscape, as REDDER and Kayln power through to captivate each listener that feasts their ears on this powerhouse and lively tune. It would be an understatement to say how excited we are to delve deeper into REDDER's forthcoming EP, as "Send Me Home" sets the bar incredibly high for the follow-up tracks to meet.

Lose yourself in the passion and energy of REDDER's recent single, "Send Me Home," and prepare your ears for their forthcoming EP this summer.

Hello REDDER, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your recent single "Send Me Home." We love the overall adventure your single "Send Me Home" took us on. What inspired you to create this exhilarating pop/synth-wave tune?

I grew up playing in pop/rock bands during the early 2010s pop-punk wave, but I’ve also always had an affinity for upbeat mainstream pop. Lately, I’ve been really into recent music from Dagny and Carly Rae Jepsen. It was a lot of fun to combine my love for big guitars and anthemic melodies with the inspiration I’ve been pulling from those two artists.

What gravitated you to the stylings of vocalist Kayln for your single "Send Me Home?" How did your collaboration come about?

Kayln and I connected through a Nashville artists’ network that we are both a part of late last year, and immediately connected about a collab. I love her song ‘Leave Your Love On’, and was actually working on what would become SMH at that time. It felt like a great fit, as this song really lets her show off her incredible range. She mentioned Aly & AJ as a vocal reference when we first got to talking about this song, and I immediately knew that she understood exactly what I was looking for.

Do you normally create such uplifting and exhilarating tunes like "Send Me Home?" Or do you often explore the darker sides of pop/synth-wave as well?

SMH is definitely the brightest and most upbeat of my releases so far. REDDER songs to this point have usually landed in the mid-tempo range, with an emphasis on big, loud sections. With SMH, you definitely still get your big sections, but it also kicks up the pace pretty significantly and borrows a lot of elements from the dance-pop genre. I’m definitely going to continue exploring this brighter side of the genre but usually tend to gravitate more towards the rock side of pop/rock.

How does "Send Me Home" get us ready for your forthcoming LP? Do you share similar sonic or lyrical approaches within the upcoming project?

The album definitely runs the gamut of the pop/rock/synthwave spectrum - with a number of songs leaning each way. Lyrically, the entire album explores toxic or otherwise unsuccessful relationships, and how much lonelier it can feel to be with the wrong person than to just be alone. I work with an amazing art director, named Jackson Roy ( who helped me come up with the concept of creating a character as a visual companion to the themes I am exploring lyrically. The character is named Rose (who is featured in all of my song artwork), a 1950s-esque woman who survives a nuclear explosion and finds herself living completely alone - left searching for anyone remaining to connect with. Every song is paired with a piece of artwork that ties the song’s themes into a visual that gives it a new context within this little world that we’re building. It really makes the whole project a whole lot more fun, as I find myself writing with both the visual and the song itself in mind.

What's next for you?

I have 3 more singles coming this spring and early summer, and then am releasing my debut full-length record later on in the summer. I’m really excited about all of the collaborations that I have set up, and can’t wait to reveal them. I’m also laying the groundwork with my art director for a music video that ties all of the individual song artwork pieces together in an animated video that takes the viewer through Rose’s journey in surviving alone. It’s kind of an intimidating undertaking, and very different than anything I’ve done with music, but I’m very excited to be partnered with Jackson Roy to help the idea unfold. Until then, enjoy SMH, follow me on socials @reddersongs to keep up with the unfolding story, and check out the rest of my tracks on my Spotify page.



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